Sunday, October 11, 2015

Three of the Best Baby Dolls for Nurturing Kids

Baby dolls for nurturing kids these days are different than they used to be. These dolls have more realistic features with amazing lifelike details – not just the run-of-the-mill blinking Betsy Wetsies. Some of these dolls encourage interaction and imagination, nudging kids to realize their natural nurturing instincts.

I, personally, love the baby dolls with a bit extra – the ones that are equipped with interior rattles and crinkling paper. Or, the ones that offer a subtle lesson in what it would be like to take care of a real baby, in terms of feeding, dressing, changing, and playing. The following three picks from the best baby dolls fit these descriptions, giving kiddos something more to engage and stimulate their nurturing senses.


Baby Alive My Baby All Gone Doll

This adorable, nameless baby doll has been around for decades, but her appearance has been revamped for modern youngsters. She comes with several accessories, including a sippy cup, bowl and spoon, two diapers, and two food packets.

When Baby All Gone finishes her food and drink, she grunts to let kids know that she has made a mess in her diaper (albeit a pretend one). Kids can change her bottom to hear her coo, and she speaks over 30 phrases in baby-talk (both Spanish and English). Definitely a bright-eyed cutie that would make the day of any nurturing kiddo.


Melissa and Doug Jenna 12” Doll

Named Jenna, this adorable dolly has a sweet, chubby face, big, blue eyes, and soft, cute features. While her hands and face are made from easy-to-clean vinyl, her body is plush for hugs and snuggles.

She has the chunky appearance of a real infant, minus the fussiness, and she is decked out in a too-cute pink outfit that can be machine-washed and tumble dried.

Jenna can also suck on her thumb or her pink pacifier (included).


JC Toys Berenguer Lil Hugs Baby Doll

Real babies are soft and cuddly, which means baby dolls should follow suit. This one comes without a name because kids should be able to name their new babies whatever pops into their minds.

So, for the purpose of this description, this one is nicknamed Lil Hugs – a blue-eyed cutie with a vinyl face, plush body, and a heart-shaped birthmark on her cheek.

She is holding a little heart-shaped pillow with musical notes hand-stitched on the front. Inside the pillow is a rattle and her other hand contains crinkling paper.


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