Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cuddliest Teddy Bears in 2015

The best teddy bears should be, in my opinion, the cuddliest and the most huggable. They are the perfect bedtime companions, cuddlers, and nighttime comforters. They are the teddy bears that kids will reach for to soothe themselves after a nightmare – the teddy bears that are the defenders, protectors, and knights from the boogeymen that lurk in a youngster’s thriving imagination.

I have a soft spot for teddy bears because most of them symbolize so much more than stuffed animals for kids (and some kids at heart).

The following three picks are what I would call the best teddy bears of 2015. Some have been around for decades, and others are new to the teddy bear scene, but all of them serve a comforting, cuddling, snuggling purpose to the tiny tykes who love them.


Gund Slumbers Teddy Bear

Slumbers is a BIG bear with a curious, sweet expression, a big, chocolatey nose, and an oversized, fluffed body. He is cute in a classic teddy bear way that makes you want to hug him all night long.

This teddy bear has super-soft fur and a squishy midsection that makes him the ultimate cuddle companion. He also boasts oversized paws that give him a clumsy, endearing quality that kids and adults alike will love.


Care Bears Bedtime Jumbo Plush Bear

I am ALL FOR Care Bears! I used to have a Bedtime Care Bear when I was a kid – only scaled down to a miniature size. I slept with that bear every single night, and it thrills me to no end that they have brought Bedtime Bear back in a jumbo size.

Plush and adorable in bright blue, Bedtime Bear features his signature, heart-shaped nose and paw prints, as well as a tummy emblem featuring a sleeping moon and dangling golden star.

He is a true-blue cuddler, for sure!


VTech Baby Soothing Slumbers Bedtime Bear

This teddy bear would make a great gift for mothers-to-be at a baby shower. Or, perhaps an even better present for newborns who have just greeted the world for the first time.

Available in bright pink or light blue, the Soothing Slumbers Bear is exactly what the name suggests – a soothing teddy bear that kiddos can cuddle at nighttime. While this teddy has soft fur and a sweet expression, it also plays 47 sing-along songs, a few lullabies, and says simple phrases to comfort your kiddo at bedtime.


If you are on the hunt for what you would call the "best teddy bear ever," here is a list to help you along, updated yearly:

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