Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Coolest Bikes for Toddlers This Year

2015-2016's Coolest Bikes for Toddler Boys and Girls

I have heard a few parents wonder out loud why someone would get their toddler a bike. After all, most toddlers are still learning how to walk and run well—so why give them something they have to use more coordination to operate?

Well, in my humble opinion, toddlers (and kids in general) are more capable in their abilities than we give them credit for.

Most toddler bikes are actually balance bikes that help build a sense of self-confidence and independence, while helping youngsters learn how to balance, coordinate, and maneuver.

With this in mind, there is definitely a coolness factor when it comes to the best bikes for toddlers. The following three bikes make the grade of being THE coolest for toddlers this year.


Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Balance and coordination are two of the most essential elements of bike riding. This bike is balance specific, featuring no pedals and a sleek, streamlined design that teaches toddlers how to use their weight to counterbalance the weight of the bike.

Essentially, it teaches them the must-have skills for riding and balancing on a real bike—sans training wheels.

The no-topple wheels are extra-stable and wider for better support, while the kick-off method gets kiddos rolling at their own pace.


YBike Balance Bike

For better balance and fine motor skills, this balance bike is the epitome of a good choice for toddlers. It has a unique design that mimics a classic ride-on—only the front tire is much bigger and the back tires are hidden beneath the seat.

Toddlers can sit and kick-off to get themselves moving—all while learning how to balance and coordinate their movements from a low-sitting, kid-safe position.

Available in tons of cool colors, too!


Huffy Disney Frozen Bike

Frozen was the epitome of Disney movies in 2014, spawning tons of memorabilia, such as this awesome Frozen bicycle.

The decals are gorgeous in sparkling blues and purples with shimmering snowflakes and depictions of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. The bicycle itself is constructed from an all-steel frame for strength and durability, meaning it will last longer with tons of TLC.

Whereas the other bikes on this list are mainly used for balance and coordination, this one uses traditional training wheels to get toddlers rolling on the path to becoming a bike-riding pro.

Some of the cool accessories include an adjustable seat, Frozen-themed messenger bag, and gleaming handlebar streamers.


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