Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The 3 Best STEM Toys for 2015 and the Kids that Love Them

Some toys have terms that define what they are and how to play with them. For example—STEM toys are made from a smooshed together abbreviation of educational subjects. Science + Technology + Engineering + Math = STEM.

These might seem like HUGE subjects for youngsters to tackle, but learning fun begins with an introduction into multiple challenging topics.

These types of toys have increased in popularity ranking over the years, but they have completely BOOMED with high demands and great reviews this year. Which is why I have handpicked three of the best STEM toys for kids thus far in 2015 and well into 2016.


Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Kit

Snap Circuits are super-de-duper cool and pure science with a touch of engineering and coordination. There are over 30 circuits, each snapping together in some sort of way to create a plethora of science-themed projects—well over 300, to be exact. Little builders and brilliant minds will love piecing together the different circuits to see what they can do.

Some create real-working radios, burglar alarms, and doorbells, while others make alarm clocks, motion-activated sensors, and bunches of other cool stuff. For kids who find themselves stuck with no ideas, the inspirational instructions manual offers some insight into what can and cannot be built using these awesome circuits.


Geode Explorer Science Kit

Much to the dismay of my mother when I was a kid—I would bring home pockets filled with quartz stones from around my neighborhood. They would sit on my shelves until the cat would knock them off and then tada! Someone would inevitably step on one.

Talk about painful—but this little hobby sparked my love for caves and beautiful geodes.

This awesome science set features 7 rocks, each containing something gorgeous, sparkling, and amazing inside. The trick is getting into the rocks with an included pint-size chisel, hammer, and instructions.


Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

Gears, gears, and more gears. Can you guess what this Learning Resources set is all about? Ha! GEARS!

Only these gears are constructed from durable, kid-safe plastic, and they snap-together to make towering creations. I would totally dub this set a steampunk dream!

The gears are mostly cogs in different, vibrant colors. However, there are also pillars, axels, and extenders for the interlocking base plates. Includes an inspirational instructions booklet for a jog to little imaginations.


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