Monday, October 26, 2015

Toys for Boys that Will Make a Splash from 2015 to 2016

This year more than ever before, the choices in boys' toys are creative and imaginative, encouraging kiddos to use their minds to build, learn, and play.

One of two of the following three toys might be artsy, indulging a kiddo’s creative side while giving him something to do for hours and hours at a time. Then again—one or two of these toys could be adventurous, inspiring a tyke to search inside himself for a bit of courage to brave the depths of imagined lands.

These three among the list of "best of" 2015 and 2016 toys for boys are what I would consider the best—however, if you are still at a loss for what to snag your kiddo after reading through, then perhaps one of these will give you an idea of what your youngster would love.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

One of the latest releases from Fisher-Price, you can mark the Ultra T-Rex down as one of the best toys for boys this year.

This dinosaur is all bones and gnashing teeth with a few mechanisms thrown in for good measure.

He stands at almost 3-feet tall and features 3 separate power pads for interactive fun.

Some of his accessories include three miniature figurines—also known as prehistoric warriors—and several missiles and projectiles that launch from his chest and arms.


NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

This blaster is a customizable must-have for classic NERF fanatics.

Sure, it fires just fine on its own, but there are awesome customizations that kiddos can use to personalize their rapid-fire experiences.

For example, the blaster can be outfitted with a red dot sight for accuracy and long-range shooting, as well as an additional clip for more power.

Plus, there is always a need for more foam darts when dealing with serious backyard battlers.


LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout

LEGO releases Minecraft playsets on a pretty regular basis and the Snow Hideout is one of several this year.

Ranked as the most popular, this set takes place in the snowy world of Minecraft when Steve is trying to erect a hideout before the worst of winter falls on the land.

Safety from Snow Golems and Creepers is the ultimate goal.

Using a pickaxe and 327 building bricks, kiddos need to build a new hideout for Steve before the ghouls of Minecraft find him.

Of course, this set is compatible with other LEGO Minecraft playsets.


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