Friday, October 9, 2015

The Best, Biggest, and Most Colorful Floor Puzzles

2015's Top Floor Puzzles for Kids

In my humble opinion, floor puzzles for kids should also be the best floor puzzles for puzzlers and problem-solvers of all ages.

There is something great and relaxing about spending and afternoon sprawled out on the floor, putting together a vibrant, beautiful puzzle. It is the ultimate indulgence for the rainiest days, and most of the puzzles, if you choose to keep them intact, can be flipped, glued together, and framed to remember your accomplishment.

The following three picks among the list of the best floor puzzles for kids are the biggest and most colorful I could track down. Their artwork is beautiful, and the pieces are chunkier, sturdier, and more reliable to accommodate hands and creative minds of all sizes.


Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

I love astronomy – it was one of my favorite subjects in school, and I adopted stargazing as a weekend hobby when I was a kid. I had a massive telescope that allowed me to see the rings on Saturn, much to the disbelief of my skeptical mother. Ha!

This floor puzzle reminds me of what I always wanted to see through that telescope – the entire Solar System in all its glory.

There are 48 interlocking jigsaw pieces that presents a beautiful scene of planets, stars, and our moon. Of course, all of the Solar System elements are labeled for learning.


Melissa & Doug Underwater Floor Puzzle

Fishes, fishes everywhere! This underwater puzzle is a beautiful, near-perfect depiction of sea life. I say near-perfect because, while gorgeous in detail, most of these sea creatures would not be *this* close together. At least not without inciting a few feeding frenzies.

However, on this floor puzzle, all of the mammals and fish of the deep blue are buddies, swimming together harmoniously.

This puzzle is packed with sea-dwelling beauties!


Melissa & Doug Safari Floor Puzzle

Imagine that you are touring the Savanna in Africa when you spot a watering hole. The sun is setting in vivid, vibrant colors behind the towering trees, and there are animals galore, drinking from the cool, refreshing lake.

This floor puzzle is a creative outlet that allows your mind to travel to new, exotic places. Ones where you can see amazing animals up-close without leaving the comforts and safety of home.

This is one that you should definitely glue, frame, and hang when you, or your little ones, finish putting it together.  =)


While the above strike me personally, there are more floor puzzles for kids to check out this year - here is a top 10 list:

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