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The Best NERF Guns from the Zombie Strike Collection

2015-2016 Best NERF Zombie Strike Blasters

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I am a total advocate of everything zombie-related—and even moreso an encourager of all things NERF. Combine these two awesome elements and you have the Zombie Strike collection, which has contributed three of the best NERF guns to backyard battles this year.

Sure, when you are a kid, you are told not to whack your siblings and friends with foam darts…but what kid really listens? Ha!

These three blasters are some of the best because they encourage imaginative playtime between friends and loved ones.

The foam darts are super-soft, yet firm enough to launch long-range at intended targets. One suggestion for kids who are at a loss for an imaginative scenario is to assign zombies and zombie hunters…then let the chaos and giggling fun begin.


NERF Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Quick—the zombies are coming!

Prepare yourself to fight against the hordes of undead with the Doominator—a unique zombie-whacking blaster that launches 24 foam darts in rapid succession.

No reloads until your clip dries up. There are four flipping drums for quick-fire action, each containing six darts apiece, and all attached to a 3-position handle.

For smoother operation, and even a few customization tips, a handy-dandy instructions manual is included.


NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster

Okay…so I might have a problem when it comes to having too much fun prepping for an impending zombie apocalypse. Or, maybe I have watched too much Walking Dead because I would totally rock this Crossfire Bow like Daryl Dixon. Ha!

This real-working crossbow must-have is an instant NERF classic that packs a wallop with four zombie-smashing foam darts.

To operate, backyard battlers pull the string and squeeze the trigger to unleash a barrage of hardcore combat on approaching brain-eaters.


NERF Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

This is one of the only NERF blasters from the Zombie Strike collection that allows battlers to customize their weapon.

Inclusive of stencils, this blaster is a ferocious, zombie-blasting machine that launches 5 Zombie Strike foam darts in rapid-fire succession. Or, you can set the Hammershot to single shots, allowing you to control where the darts go.

Think of it like a last resort weapon for when the undead are closing in.

The design is so cool. From watching tons of zombie movies and television shows, you probably know that survivors’ weapons are well-worn. This blaster mimics that apocalyptic, put-together appearance with “duct tape” around the handle and a rugged barrel.


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