Friday, October 23, 2015

Safe Go-Karts for Kids Who Love to Go Fast

2015-2016 Best Kids' Go-Karts

Growing up in North Carolina, you might assume that I was a big fan of racing since the state is pretty much the home of everything NASCAR. However, I was the exact opposite. I never, ever liked racing—until I got to do a bit of racing fun for myself in an awesome go-kart.

Even now, I am hard-pressed to watch anything racing related…but put me behind the wheel of a go-kart and I go from meh to SUPER competitive.

Which is why I compiled a short list of three of the best go karts for kids—each one allows kiddos to get the edge out on their competitive spirits. These karts are the best of the best because they are the safest for youngsters with a love for going fast.


Razor Dune Buggy

This powerful little go-kart, dubbed the Razor Dune Buggy, operates on a 350-watt electric motor that reaches top speeds of 10 miles-per-hours.

The exterior is decked out in lava red and black, while the interior is a comfortable, plush grey with seatbelts for optimum safety.

Other features for this Dune Buggy include top-notch brake controls and 8-inch thick tires for smooth-rolling over all-terrain conditions. The steel frame is extra durable for security and stability.


Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

I love how sleek and smooth-rolling this go-kart is. Decked out in black and quicksilver, the Ground Force Go-Kart features a chain-driven motor that can reach maximum speeds of 12-miles-hour.

Charge time takes less than half an hour, resulting in 45-minutes of drive time before the go-kart needs another recharge.

Aesthetics-wise, the kart features a little flag that flaps in the breeze when kiddos go really fast.

The usual safety gear, such as a helmet, is definitely, highly recommended.


Kiddi-O by Kettler Pole Position Pedal Car

Pedals might not sound like much fun on a go-kart, but they totally work with this one.

Too cool in blue and black, this ride-on is a quiet, smooth-rolling must-drive for kiddos who are just learning how to operate a kart.

There are awesome features too, such as rear wheel brakes, enclosed chain guards for safety, a 3-position seat that adjusts to fit driver heights, and anti-slip wheels to take on rough-and-tumble terrains.

The coasting shifter can be slipped into gear at pedaling peaks for leisure riding that requires minimal pedaling to stay in glide-and-ride mode.


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