Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Best Arts and Crafts Toys for Artsy, Crafty Kids

2015 Top Picks in Kids' Arts and Crafts Toys

Unleashing creativity and imagination is a MUST for people of all ages, but those two elements are especially essential for kiddos. For some kids, drawing takes their imaginations to new heights, allowing them to express themselves in pencil and crayon sketches of monsters, animals, and all manner of fun beasties.

Other youngsters want a challenge—something that will engage their minds for hours at a time, giving them the chance to prove their craftiness with multiple colorful projects.

With these types of artsy, crafty kids in mind—I compiled a short list of three for the best arts and craft toys this year. These toys are musts for little ones who love showcasing their ambition and creativity.


ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

The pinnacle of friendship were bracelets when I was in school. If you and your best friend were true besties, then you both had matching friendship bracelets…homemade, of course, because you were hardcore like that.

This bracelet-making set takes me back to the late 80s, when friendship bracelets were the coolest way to tell the whole school, and the whole world, that you and your friends would be best friends forever.

Using embroidery thread and a mash-up of cool patterns, kids can make simple and elaborate friendship bracelets to pass around their group of friends-forever pals.


Play-Doh Fun Factory

YES! The Play-Doh Fun Factory has returned! For those who were too young to remember, this awesome, creative set has been around for ages. It is the one constant artsy toy in a slew of artsy toys from Play-Doh.

The machine is simple, the colors are vibrant, and the Play-Doh is just as squishy, moldable, and cool as we all remember it to be.

This set comes with plates of different interchangeable designs. Kids squeeze the machine handle to mold the Play-Doh into doughy, cool--shaped strands.


Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

I used to draw and paint constantly when I was a kid, which meant the dining room table became my artist’s haven. The same applies to this little Art Desk, but these are designed especially for youngsters.

This desk gives little artists their own space to sit, paint, draw, and create.

There are side compartments for books and papers, as well as organizational shelves for paints, pencils, pens, and heaps of whatever art supplies your imaginative kiddo might need.


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