Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Most Fashionable Fashion Toys for Little Fashionistas and Artists

2015-2016's Top Picks in Fashion Toys

I had a moment of awe the other day when my friend’s 9-year-old little girl referred to herself as a blossoming fashionista-in-training. WOW—it really brought to light how different fashion has changed over the years, especially in terms of how early kids are taking an interest in the cool concepts and designs that emerge from the fashion industries.

With that little girl, and thousands of others who share the same sentiments, in mind, I have handpicked three of the best fashion toys for little fashionistas and artists. "Why artists?" you might ask.

In my experience, art and fashion go hand-in-hand. It might not be pottery and crafts, but fashion-fabulous kiddos must have the creativity, imagination, and designing skills to bring their fashionable ideas to fruition.


Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set

Good fashion means great innovation—which is why the Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set from Crayola boasts serious uniqueness. Using a suitcase of special paper, colored pencils, and fashionable stencils, kids piece together awesome outfits.

Then, using an app on an IPhone or tablet, young fashionistas can bring their models to life, strutting them down a virtual runway in the same clothes they just finished designing.

Imagine the possibilities!


Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Fashion plates have been around for as long as I can remember. I used to have the Barbie edition and would spend hours rubbing over paper fashions with crayon to make the best, most colorful apparel for my collection of Barbie dolls.

These Fashion Plates are similar, but revamped for modern fashion-fabulous kids. There are 30 rub plates in each set—separated into tops, bottoms, and models.

Using crayons, colored pencils, and special thin paper, kiddos can mix and match their own outfit designs with the simple rub of color.

Plus, there is a trendy carrying case that doubles as a collection portfolio.


ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

I was going to begin this description with a reference to ‘back in my day,’ but that phrase is an instant ager. Ha!

Friendship bracelets were the end-all be-all of showcasing the bond between besties when I was a kid. These bracelets are still around and the handcrafted concept is still special between best friends.

Using embroidery thread in beautiful colors and a special loom, kids can create elaborate, or simple, bracelets to share, wear, and trade with the friends who mean the most to them.


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