Sunday, October 25, 2015

3 LEGO Sets for 2015-2016 That Little Girls Will Love

2015-2016's Best Girls' LEGO Sets

It can be challenging to pinpoint which might be the best LEGO sets to pick for girls because every little lady is different with different hobbies, different interests, and different ways of playing.

So, based on parent and kid reviews, I have handpicked a few great sets that can be considered SOME of the best. While there are certainly thousands of other LEGO sets out there that could be considered equal in coolness to the following three, these are the ones that were most liked and well-received by parents and little girls alike.

From adventurous, to pop-star fabulous, and fantastical, these three among the best LEGO sets for girls are ones that I am predicting the young ladies will love.


LEGO Elves – The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway (41075)

Elves are a new concept for LEGO and this one is anticipated to make quite a splash during Christmas 2015.

I have seen the television series a handful of times on Netflix and it is awesome based on the few episodes that have been released.

Think of this set as an Elves introduction.

These adorable creatures are bustling about their Treetop Hideaway, complete with wisteria, vines, and beautiful forest-themed furnishings.

There are secret passages, hidden doorways, and mystical findings galore.


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box (10696)

One of the traits I absolutely adore about kids is their imaginations. Little ladies and gents have a knack for making something amazing out of nothing at all and the Creative Brick Box proves it.

There are over 450 colorful LEGO bricks, including other building elements, such as wheels, windows, and a mini-figurine here and there.

For kids who need a jog to their imaginations, the Brick Box comes with an inspirational booklet, showcasing past designs that kiddos can use to get new ideas for their own awesome creations. There are even a few how-to design ideas for building LEGO cars, houses, monsters, and animals.


LEGO Friends Vet Clinic (41085)

This one is an instant classic from the LEGO Friends collection. Featuring Mia as the beautiful caretaker of all the LEGO animals—this set is a miniature Vet Clinic, complete with all of the necessities for veterinarian care.

While there are only a dog and cat with this set, kiddos can use other LEGO animals from different sets to fill up Mia’s clientele list. This is the perfect gift for little animal lovers, vets-to-be, and anyone who simply adores a great LEGO playset.


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