Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Classic Board Games with a Revamped Look for Modern Kids

2015-2016's "Best of" Kids' Board Games

We often get wrapped up in our own little digital worlds—ones where tech-savviness reign supreme and we are expected to have the latest and greatest of everything electronic… but sometimes it gets tiresome looking at a screen.

Board games for kids are the ones that entire families can play—the classics with a revamped look that modern kiddos and adults alike will love.

These board games bring families together in old-school ways. Rather than bonding over the laugh-out-loud hilarity of the latest Facebook drama or viral video, parents and youngsters can instead bond over the old-fashioned thrill of working towards a win with cards, spinners, dice, and objectives.

The following three among the best board games for kids are true classics that have been around for quite some time—only a bit different to accommodate new generations.


Clue Junior Board Game

We all remember the classic Clue game—the one where you had to outwit a murderer to find the whos, whats, and wheres of why a certain someone was killed at a party. All while following the clues to lead you to the killer.

This game is less focused on murder and more focused on cakes. Stolen ones, to be exact. In the Junior version, players have to guess who took the cake, when they took the cake, and what they had to drink with the cake. Dun dun dun!


Hasbro Battleship Game

Not to brag…buuuut I am SO good at this game! Grin!

Battleship is timeless fun that turns lifelong loved ones and friends into combative enemies—if only for a half-hour or so.

Using quick wits, good guesses, and thought out strategies, players sink battleships and other combative vessels of their opponents with well-aimed missiles.

The first to sink all of their opponent’s ships is, of course, the winner of Battleship bragging rights.


Candy Land Game

I love, love, love everything about Candy Land! The board has been a bit modernized, but the concept is the same. Players journey through the land of sweets to rescue King Candy from the wrath of Lord Licorice.

The colorful blocks will guide players from the start, through candy-coated lands where they will meet unique, super-sweet, sometimes-sour characters and complete challenging missions.

This is a game you can just stare at for hours because the décor is some well-detailed and colorful. It always gives me cravings for sweet everything! Yum!


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