Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The 3 Best Math Games for Arithmetic-Minded Youngsters

2015-2016 Best Kids' Math Games

I am no math whiz. I always did WAY better in English and science—however, that never stopped me from trying and I love a good math game.

Kiddos these days have the chance to learn through some of the best math games for kids this year. These games are educational, yes, but they are also heaps of fun for little ladies and lads with a not-so-fondness for numbers and mathematics.

However, if your youngster is arithmetic-minded already, these three games will make learning all the more entertaining. From addition to subtraction, multiplication, division, and everything in between, these math games cover a wide variety of cool math-themed subjects.


Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game

What is better than math? Pizza! When the two are put together, there is basically yummy heaven in a box—even if the pizza is a bit on the fake side. Ha!

It still looks delicious, at least. Wink!

This scrumptious game is all about fractions, as kiddos dive into their favorite pizza pies in slices.

There are several ways to play, and kids can even make up their own games, but the most popular is the ultimate pizza eating challenge. Players munch on the pretend slices of pizza, then create and identify the fractions. Whoever chomps, makes, and understands the most mathematical problems wins.


Sequence Numbers Game

Think Bingo…only different. Sequence Numbers is an answer-and-find game where the counting is in the cards.

Each player gets a board of numbers and a stack of cards.

During turns, players have to answer the equations, earning a chip towards covering one of the numbers on their boards.

There have to be five correct and covered answers in a row for a player to win the game.


Mattel Blink Card Game

Consider this game like Uno but with a mathematical twist. Blink plays on the fact that blinking is one of the most automatic things we do on a daily basis. We are very rarely aware of it, which means we could literally miss something in the blink of our eyes.

To win this game, players are pitted against one another in an epic race of match-ups.

There are shapes, counts, and colors to match, and all within milliseconds of your opponent putting a card down.

If you wait too long to play your card, the opponent automatically wins…in the blink of an eye.


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