Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three Kids’ Toys that are 2015-2016 Must-Haves

Learning is great and everything but sometimes kids want something they can simply have fun with. Recently, for the up-and-coming holiday season, I researched and found quite a number of toys that are hitting the hot lists for both fun and having higher customer reviews and will remain "must-haves" into 2016.

These toys  are simple and entertaining with basic, sometimes colorful, elements that kids can remember as being one of their favorite, fun childhood toys.

From a previously written menu of 10 of 2015 and 2016 best kids toys, I have handpicked 3 that are considered the best of the best for youngsters who just want to have fun. Sure, they will learn a little, especially when it comes to coordination and organization, but these are toys that mainly have heart—ones that I picked for their ability to enhance the perfect playtime.


Pie Face Game

Pie Face started in Europe and gained steam worldwide after a video went viral featuring a father playing this tense game with his giggling son. I remember googling this game shortly after seeing the video, and then feeling disappointed because it hadn’t been made for American distribution…until now.

Pie Face is a super-fun and super-messy game that will have entire families laughing out loud. Using a spinner, players spin to see how many cranks to give the lever…after putting whipped cream on the SPLAT hand and placing their face in the SPLAT zone.

From there, it is all hoping for the best and attempting to get through each turn without getting whip cream allover your face.


Disney Descendants Villain Signature Mal

One of the beautiful villain daughters from Disney Descendants—Mal is a signature character on the Disney Channel television series.

As the gorgeous, slightly evil daughter of Maleficent, this dark-hearted cutie is known for being as stubborn and determined as her mother. However, she ultimately has a good heart, which means her endeavors are with the best of intentions.

Her doll includes a real locket and stickers.


Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Dome Playset

Two opponents enter the Monster Dome…only one returns victorious. Blaze and Crush are two Monster Machines with a knack for destruction and ferocious racing. These monstrous machines are pitted against one another in the ultimate race.

While performing daring stunts, each car must pass through the blazing (pretend) Ring of Fire and then make their way past the chomping teeth of a gigantic Sharkbot.

Not to mention the spinning, upside-down section of track that could send them spiraling out of control at any second.

The track is customizable!


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