Sunday, October 25, 2015

Three of the Best Skateboards for Sidewalk Cruising

Skateboards have been around for decades and a selection of the "top" skateboards are an annual occasion. Some people picture ripped jeans and funky colored hair when it comes to skateboarders, but in reality, skateboarders can be anybody of any age at any time.

If you or your kiddo have ever had an interest in sidewalk cruising on an awesome skateboard, the following three picks are currently considered some of the best of the best.

While these are standard in their concept and design—each of these three among the best skateboards can be customized to match the unique personality and interests of a skateboarder.

Think cool decals, fun patterns, and awesome colors.


Razor RipStik Bright Caster Board

Vibrant and bold with dual edges that double as two decks, the RipStik is a sidewalk-carving must-have for boarders who love a challenge. Considered a classic (since it has actually been around for quite some time), this board pivots 360-degree with the swoop of your feet.

The platforms have added slip resistance with top-notch deck grips that are situated on smooth-rolling wheels. Plus, the color combinations are out-of-this-world awesome.


Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

True classic right here! This skateboard has been around for decades, and is actually considered one of the originals for boarders in the 80s and 90s.

With longevity comes cooler color combinations and awesome, customizable patterns, making this skateboard one of the forefront runners on the skateboard personalization scale. Boarders can customize with their own decals, or pick a design that suits their uniqueness the best.

Where consistency and durability are concerned, this skateboard features a 22-inch deck with slip resistance for perfection when sidewalk cruising. The wheels are smooth rollers, and the side of this skateboard makes it perfect for stowing away in a backpack or locker.


Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Complete 22” Retro Plastic Skateboard

Another blast from the past—this skateboard measures the traditional 22-inches of a classic board, but the length is tapered for towards both sides for optimum performance.

Skateboarders can practice their most daring stunts with this board, using the slip-resistant deck to gain major air and enhance their speed with rapid kick-offs.

There are a plethora of cool colors available for the Mini Cruiser, and the construction is solid, strong, durable plastic for long-lasting sidewalk cruising.

Of course, for your safety, helmets and boarding gear are highly recommended, especially for kiddos.


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