Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are Razor Scooters Safe?

Razor scooters for kids are the new hot item on every Birthday and Christmas wish list. They're practically everywhere with manufacturers offering more hues and designs than ever before. However, the question on every parent's mind is, "are Razor scooters safe?" The following facts and examples will attempt to set your protective mind at ease, offering helpful tips and hints for the everyday parent with a flourishing, on-the-go youngster.

Razor scooters are a triple-threat cross between rollerblades, a traditional skateboard, and the original scooter. Don't let this throw you off! They're ranked as one of the safest methods for children and young adults to travel. With the proper safety equipment, kids can ride and roll their way to friends' houses, school, and to the corner store. They're even more popular with the college-age crowd, particularly on a large campus.

In comparison to bicycles, these scooters give the rider more control over a complete stop, leaving safety almost entirely up to them. For example, the Razor A3 Kick Scooter is easily carried when not riding, holds up to 143 pounds, and is lightweight enough to offer a rear fender brake with spring-less shock absorption for the safest ride possible.

The simple truth is there's really no more risk involved in riding a Razor scooter than there would be in rolling along on a skateboard. Safety precautions should be discussed and tested before children are handed the responsibility of riding a Razor scooter. Accidents happen regardless of how safe an object is, meaning a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are always a great idea - along with basic knowledge of street safety and how to ride responsibly.

Find a great selection of the top Razor scooters for kids this year:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Razor Scooters - Back In Blue

There's nothing quite like the tried and true color blue! Especially when it's one of many blue Razor scooters that your kids will go gaga over. Instead of opting for a funky hue that nobody will care for, these scooters are painted in lustrous robin's egg, periwinkle, navy, and a variety of traditional blue tones to set your child's happy wheels in motion.

Our favorites are:


Blue Razor A Kick Scooter

Traditional in every way, this scooter is foot-powered with a bright blue hue to accent the T-handle bars and deck. Aircraft-grade aluminum comprises the shaft, meaning this scooter is durable, long lasting, and expected to survive through years (if not generations) of regular use. The weight limit is set at 143 pounds so your child could very well ride and roll with this into their late-teen/early-adult years. The wheels are smooth for long glides with a single kick, assisted by rear fender brake controls to stop safely and completely.


Blue Razor Lil' Kick Scooter

For the up-and-coming youngsters, this scooter is a blue beauty. Foldable and perfect for beginners, the low deck is constructed out of heavy-duty steel for a durable frame to outlast years of wear and tear. The deck is wider than a traditional scooter with a recommended age of between 3 and 6 years. The surface is also slip-resistant and super-easy to steer with larger wheels and a complete, gentle back brake.


Blue Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This little blue beast was designed for kids who want to add a little speed to their mobility. Safe and controlled, this scooter holds up to 220 pounds at a top speed of 15mph. The motor is super-quiet, easily recharged, and ranked as one of the best high-performance motors of its kind. A built-in battery holds a 45 minute charge with a durable plug-in system for any outlet, anywhere.

Razor Scooters - Red is Rad

Red Razor scooters are back and better than ever! For 2013, we've composed a short list of the best and most appealing Razor scooters in that rosy color we've all come to appreciate. Decked in a silken sheen of brick, blush, or burgundy, these scooters are durable, built to last through generations of wear and tear, and each one is unique with customizable accessories available online or in any Razor scooter store. Plus, they're not only for kids! Most of the following scooters have high weight capacities, some exceeding over 220 pounds, meaning adults of all sizes can enjoy a short gliding commute to work or around a college campus.

Our favorites are:


Red & Black Razor PowerWing Scooter

For the trickster in every family, this scooter is for kids ages 5 and up with a weight limit of 143 pounds. Toned in contrasting hues of red and black, it features a unique design with a wide double-wing platform for performing kick-outs, side drifts, spinouts, 180's, kick-flips, and so much more. Every little prospective Tony Hawk will enjoy training their feet for dazzling tricks aboard this cool mode of transportation.


Red Razor A5 Lux Scooter

This scooter is unique because it's designed with teens and adults in mind. With a weight limit of up to 220 pounds, it's the eco-friendly way to travel. Extra-large 200mm urethane wheels ensure a smooth glide powered by the traditional kick method. A rear fender brake allows for controlled stops with a handlebar that flips and folds one-handed for quick, compact storage.


Red Razor Special Edition Steel Scooter

For tiny tykes ages 5 and up, this scooter is built to last through years of everyday wear and tear. Powered with a kick, the 5-spoke urethane wheels are equipped with 5 bearings and a rear fender brake for a smoother, more efficient and controlled stop.


Get more choices in red Razor scooters for kids this year:

The 411 On Electric Scooters For Kids

We've all been there. It's 6am and freezing outside with the bus stop at least a 10-minute walk away from the house. Or at least it seems that way. According to generations older, that 10-minute walk will soon become at least 3 hours both ways... in a blizzard... every day. Uphill! Electric scooters for kids these days will make parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents wonder, "Why didn't they make these when I was a kid?"

It probably would have changed the entire way we hear and tell stories. That snowy uphill battle might be a little more realistic, replaced with tales of racing to the bus stop on fast-as-lightning vehicles.

In actuality, these scooters go anywhere from a max-speed of 10-15mph and have a battery life of between 40-60 minutes on each charge. In other words, the perfect device to make a short ride to a friend's house, down to the bus stop on those frigid mornings, or around the block on a summery day.

For example, the Razor eSpark Electric Scooter is perfect for children 8 years and up with a top speed of 10mph and a battery that lasts 40 minutes per charge. It's also transportable, lightweight, and the ideal size for kids who need to stow it under a bus seat on the way to school.

A step up from the eSpark would be the Razor E300S Electric Seated Scooter. It's equipped with a super-size deck and a sleek frame that features a bicycle-style seat and a weight limit of 220 pounds. Considered high performance at speeds of 15mph, this scooter holds a charge for 45 minutes. The battery takes next to no time to charge, as well, which means kids can easily fit the plug-in into their backpacks for a quick jolt of power at a friend's house or school outlet.


Get more info on this year's top electric scooters for kids:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Transportable Art Desks - On The Go

Art desks for kids come in a wide variety of concepts and colors, with uses for home, school, and anywhere else you can think of. However, the most useful art desks have been the ones that have kept children distracted for hours on end. We're talking about road trips, short transports, mini-vacations, and (in general) long car rides. Instead of listening to the constant barrage of "are we there yet," give your ears a break and your little girl or boy an outlet for their boredom.

Two of the most popular on-the-go art desks are...


Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk

This miniature art desk is an all-encompassing creation of perfection! Designed by Crayola, the lap desk has a flat dry erase surface with a padded beneath (handle attached) for comfortable drawing and doodling. Included in this set are: 12 pages of peel & stick Color Wonder paper, the lap desk with hidden zipper storage pockets, and 5 mini Color Wonder markers. These markers are great because they only write on the special paper of dry erase surface. You'll have no mess or accidental markings to clean up! Plus, the markers can work with any Color Wonder booklet from Crayola (sold separately), while the surface is also an ideal place to draw with traditional crayons and art supplies.


Interior Design Light Box Lap Desk with Markers

For your prospective designers, there is the lap desk of the interior fashion future! Kids love to decorate -- it's a fact; therefore, it's easy to see why children would love to have their own little area where they can add furniture, colors, and ideas to a personal space on paper. The lap desk features a lighted box surface (3 AA batteries required and not included), a comfortable beanbag base, hidden zipper storage to keep all their design supplies in one place, design instructions, sketch sheets in grid and traditional style, 200 room decor stencils, 24 fine-tip markers, and SO MUCH MORE! There are also compartments and pockets galore.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Desks For Little Students - Homework Handy

When considering the purchase of computer desks for kids, it's important to mentally map out the needs of the child beforehand. For example, how old is your little boy or girl? Will this be for homework handiness, personal use, or both? Then there are colors, design, and durability to browse through. The questions themselves can be the most daunting! With the following computer desk suggestions, we hope to set you on the right track towards a small work space for your miniature student.


Legare 34-Inch Kids' Desk: Green and White Finish (shown in left photo)

This is my personal favorite! This computer desks if perfect for children who need a little extra room for their homework papers and pens. Designed to accomodate a full-size standard computer, this desk comes in a variety of colors and assembles with ease in around an hour. A work surface is comfortably lower chest height to most children, while the 2 shelves allow for additional storage of school books and personal papers. The best part for parents would be there are no screws or tools needed. Each desk piece slides snugly into place to form a solid structure!


Kings Brand Purple Finish Corner Workstation Computer Desk

Ideal for students from 3rd to 6th grade, this computer desks offers a sturdy, more sophisticated area for pesky English problems and stubborn math equations. Designed for a full-size standard computer, there are 6 shelves -- 2 for speakers, a slide-out shelf for the keyboard, a bottom shelf for a feet rest or storage area, the main desk surface, and a higher shelf for personal use. The desk settles snugly into a bedroom or living room corner for an out-of-the-way place for kids to spend time on their after-school activities.


Furinno 11192B Efficient Computer Desk

Simple and to-the-point, this computer desk is uncluttered and perfect for a laptop or flat-screen electronic device. Storage shelves make it a cinch to put away old papers and homework books, while the foot rest at the desk's bottom is a great way to sit comfortably. This desk is also compact and easy to assemble!

Kids & Their Lap Desks - Round 2

There's likely never been a cooler creation than these lap desks for kids! Rife with similarities, each lap desk also features individual features that might vary from one to the other. These features can make or break the creative flow of your child, allowing him or her to do more with their crayons and drawing utensils than they could if they were presented with an ordinary board on the floor. No need to fret! Manufacturers have become savvy to the needs of their little customers; therefore, parents won't have to look far to find the perfect lap desk for their imaginative girl or boy.

The following (very) short list of lap desks can serve as a starting point for adults who are having problems finding the ideal seated tabletop for their kids:


Spongebob Squarepants Activity Tray

Built for durability during those morning cartoon hours, this "activity tray" is comprised of strong plastic on 2 flexible stands. The surface features a decal of Spongebob and his pink pal, Patrick, as they jump for joy in a scene of beautiful flowers and jellyfish in Bikini Bottom. 2 compartments on the side of the lap desk allow kids to store their art supplies, while a cup holder is perfect for any standard-size beverage. It's safe to assume that your little artist might want to add to the Spongebob scene with their own artistic mediums, which is why the surface is 100% slick and easy to clean.


Board Dudes Dry Erase Lap Desk with Storage

This lap desk is a plain and simple solution to the missing tabletop problem. Available in an array of really cool colors, each desk doubles as a dry erase board (complete with dry erase markers) and a storage bin (for all those straggling art supplies). What makes this desk unique is the instant conversion to a DIY easel with the propping open of the storage panel. There are also stubby, but durable, foldaway legs for multiple area uses.