Thursday, February 7, 2013

Transportable Art Desks - On The Go

Art desks for kids come in a wide variety of concepts and colors, with uses for home, school, and anywhere else you can think of. However, the most useful art desks have been the ones that have kept children distracted for hours on end. We're talking about road trips, short transports, mini-vacations, and (in general) long car rides. Instead of listening to the constant barrage of "are we there yet," give your ears a break and your little girl or boy an outlet for their boredom.

Two of the most popular on-the-go art desks are...


Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk

This miniature art desk is an all-encompassing creation of perfection! Designed by Crayola, the lap desk has a flat dry erase surface with a padded beneath (handle attached) for comfortable drawing and doodling. Included in this set are: 12 pages of peel & stick Color Wonder paper, the lap desk with hidden zipper storage pockets, and 5 mini Color Wonder markers. These markers are great because they only write on the special paper of dry erase surface. You'll have no mess or accidental markings to clean up! Plus, the markers can work with any Color Wonder booklet from Crayola (sold separately), while the surface is also an ideal place to draw with traditional crayons and art supplies.


Interior Design Light Box Lap Desk with Markers

For your prospective designers, there is the lap desk of the interior fashion future! Kids love to decorate -- it's a fact; therefore, it's easy to see why children would love to have their own little area where they can add furniture, colors, and ideas to a personal space on paper. The lap desk features a lighted box surface (3 AA batteries required and not included), a comfortable beanbag base, hidden zipper storage to keep all their design supplies in one place, design instructions, sketch sheets in grid and traditional style, 200 room decor stencils, 24 fine-tip markers, and SO MUCH MORE! There are also compartments and pockets galore.

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