Monday, February 25, 2013

The 411 On Electric Scooters For Kids

We've all been there. It's 6am and freezing outside with the bus stop at least a 10-minute walk away from the house. Or at least it seems that way. According to generations older, that 10-minute walk will soon become at least 3 hours both ways... in a blizzard... every day. Uphill! Electric scooters for kids these days will make parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents wonder, "Why didn't they make these when I was a kid?"

It probably would have changed the entire way we hear and tell stories. That snowy uphill battle might be a little more realistic, replaced with tales of racing to the bus stop on fast-as-lightning vehicles.

In actuality, these scooters go anywhere from a max-speed of 10-15mph and have a battery life of between 40-60 minutes on each charge. In other words, the perfect device to make a short ride to a friend's house, down to the bus stop on those frigid mornings, or around the block on a summery day.

For example, the Razor eSpark Electric Scooter is perfect for children 8 years and up with a top speed of 10mph and a battery that lasts 40 minutes per charge. It's also transportable, lightweight, and the ideal size for kids who need to stow it under a bus seat on the way to school.

A step up from the eSpark would be the Razor E300S Electric Seated Scooter. It's equipped with a super-size deck and a sleek frame that features a bicycle-style seat and a weight limit of 220 pounds. Considered high performance at speeds of 15mph, this scooter holds a charge for 45 minutes. The battery takes next to no time to charge, as well, which means kids can easily fit the plug-in into their backpacks for a quick jolt of power at a friend's house or school outlet.


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