Monday, September 14, 2015

The 3 Best Educational Toys for Kids in 2015

2015's "Best Of" Kids' Educational Toys

Yes, the best educational toys are subjective, which means every child is a bit different than the last and next. This difference comes with similarities though, as most kids love learning (fact), using their imaginations, and being creative. Colors are a nice touch too, as vibrant, contrasting hues hold their attention, making kids more interested and intrigued when it comes to solving challenges, piecing together puzzles, or expanding the horizons of their flourishing minds.

On that note, I have hand-picked a collection of three among the list of the best educational toys for kids, all with the differences and similarities of modern kiddos in mind. The gadgets vary in educational range, but they are all fun, colorful, engaging, and fascinating, even for adults.


Perplexus Epic

Equal parts epic and perplexing. The Perplexus Epic is a sphere of ever-changing mazes, complete with twists, turns, flips, and stairs. It reminds me of an iconic scene from the movie Labyrinth (favorite film of all time). The mazes change and interlock in new ways when the sphere is rocked and rolled.

Kids and adults alike must focus, using concentration and hardcore coordination to hone their maze-solving skills and guide a little silver marble home. This is the ultimate challenge for natural-born puzzlers and wonderers.


Kinetic Sand – Sandbox & Molds Activity Set

I think at least 90 percent of my childhood summers were spent in a sandbox – you know, the one that resembled a very green turtle. Unfortunately, when summer and warm weather ended, so did playtime in the sandbox for another year.

Now, kids at heart and sandbox-loving youngsters can mold, create, and build with purple sand whenever they want. Kinetic Sand is different from regular sand. Sure, it comes in cool colors, but it also sticks to itself instead of sticking to hands or tabletops. This makes it easier to clean up (you’re welcome, moms), and each set comes with a collection of sandbox molds. Plus, a tray for building and playing, of course.


Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

I am a total lover of everything Uncle Milton comes up with, especially the astronomy toys. I have the Uncle Milton Moon hanging in my bedroom, and it is the most soothing, mesmerizing little gadget. Truly relaxing. Which is why I am adding the Star Theatre Pro to my Christmas wish list.
This projector displays beautiful constellations by the thousands.

There are well over 10,000 stars, moons, planets…entire galaxies, all projected onto your walls. Plus, for the sake of ambiance, a CD of serene Planetarium tunes is included.