Friday, February 27, 2009

XBox Kids Games Favorites 2009

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OK, here's my last in a series of Kids Video Games for 2009 - XBox Kids Games. =)

There's some pretty nice ones to choose from - Of all the ones I found that I found to be suitable for kids, here are my top 3, based on top sales, highest ratings (and my own personal favorites out of the "tops" list):

1. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts XBox Kids Game - This game is exclusively created for the XBox 360 and is an extremely high quality game as a result. It's the third in the cute "bird and bear" series, Banjo battles it out with the evil with, Grunty for Spiral Mountain. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

2. Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga XBox Kids Game - Want some great laughs and fun? This is an excellent game for "creative thinking" as well as being good for some giggles along the way. A good game for entire families too. The "Complete" Saga Lego Star Wars game is based on all of the Star Wars movies rolled into one game. Characters can be switched around and mis-matched to make the game even more interesting and fun. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

3. Sonic Unleashed XBox Kids Game - OK, I have to confess that Sonic is already one of my long-term favorites, but this really is an exceptional game despite my own opinion. It's got some incredible 2D and 3D graphics and a unique storyline, a game like no other Sonic game that's come along. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

There are more games to choose from - to see a couple more, plus a link to all the current most popular and "kid appropriate" kids games for the XBox 360 visit the XBox Kids Games page on Squidoo.

All for now! Have fun gaming!

Tonya B.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids PS2 Games - What to Buy, Where to Buy Them

Next in line that I want to talk about for kids video games is Kids PS2 Games. There's some pretty nice ones to pick from, and it interesting to find the ones that are not only fun and challenging for kids, but also the ones that are highly rated and the most popular in that group.

Of all the best Kids PS2 Games, here are my top 3 choices:

1. Wall-E Kids' PS2 Game - As I mentioned in an earlier post about PS3 games, this game hasn't exactly received a fantastic average rating. But when I dug in further and found out who gave the ratings, it was from people that weren't exactly "Wall-E game players" - they came from more experienced gamers who were looking for a super-challenge with the game. Other folks who rated it highly said that it was a perfect level for their kids, and that it was simple enough for them while still having some challenge.

==> Where to Buy: |

2. Katamari Damacy Kids PS2 Game - This game is not among the "hottest" list in terms of publicity (it's not advertised much) but it sure is one of the best and most loved of all the Kids PS2 Games. It's not only fun and challenging, it's actually got quite a sense of humor wrapped up with it! The general idea of this game is - roll up a bunch of things on earth to replace the stars in the heavens - and the rolling gets quite interesting when the "sticky ball" becomes as large as a skyscraper! Fun stuff! =)

==> Where to Buy: |

3. Disney Cars PS2 Game - Kids who play this game can re-live fun moments from the movie while participating in over 30 races and there are mini games to choose from as well. One thing that stands out as special with this game is the character lineup - they're every bit as interesting and funny as they are in the movie! (I might be a bit prejudiced - this is one of my own favorite movies of all time.)

==> Where to Buy: |

PS: If you want more selection, I recommend that you take a look at a page that has a list of Kids PS2 games, and links out to even more selection:

==> Kids PS2 Games - Special page on Squidoo

OK - hope this helps you out to finding some great games for kids on the PS2!! =)

All for now -

Tonya B.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PS3 Kids Games - Top Picks, Where to Buy

Playstation 3 PS3 LogoNext in the series of "Best Kids Video Games" is for PS3 Kids Games. There are a huge number of games to choose from, and I recently ranked them based on user experience, rankings as well as top sales.

Of all of those games - based on the info above, here are my top 3 picks, and info on where to buy each one for a good price online:

1. Little Big Planet PS3 KidsLittle Big Planet PS3 Kids Game Game - There is almost not enough that I can say about this game - it's not only very challenging in terms of the creativity and thinking involved, it's actually hysterical! Little Big Planet allows players to create their own identities within the main character "Sackboy" (yes, really) that is basically a knitted sock with button eyes, etc. Great stuff, super fun and funny too.

==> Where to Buy: |

Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures PS3 Kids Game2. Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures PS3 Kids Game - Another very funny one - but quite challenging too! The "levels" are based on the original Indiana Jones movies as well as the characters, using Lego pieces in the game as part of the whole strategy. Awesome. =)

==> Where to Buy: |

3. Wall-E PS3 Kids Game - A note about this one -Wall-E PS3 Kids Game it's been "poo-poohed" in ratings by people who say that the game is not challenging enough - however for young children the game is not only fun and challenging, but is a perfect level for their readiness (and this was mentioned in ratings as well by those who like the game). The game scenes are based on scenes from the Wall-E movie, kids can re-live those scenes and interact within them.

==> Where to Buy: |

Note: When researching the "where to buy" part of these games, I consistently found that the best price options were on the two resources I'm giving here. They truly are the best places to buy them.

Hope this helps you on your hunt for some great PS3 games for kids!

All for now -

Tonya B.

23 April 2009 - Error made on the "Little Big Planet" info - main character's name is "Sackboy" not "Sockboy". This was brought to my attention by one of my readers - thanks!


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PSP Kids Games - Hottest PSP Kids Games 2009

Sony PSP LogoWhat are the hottest-selling PSP Kids Games these days? After doing a bit of digging on this topic, I was able to find not only the hottest-selling ones, but the ones that are receiving the "ravest" reviews from consumers as well as gaming organizations.

I'm going to list the Top 3 PSP Kids Games here, but first I wanted to make a note about PS3 game downloads. A tip - it's a good idea to be careful about what sites you download them from - some more than slightly nasty things can happen if you download from "iffy" sites - virus downloads, etc. (Yuck!) My best advice on downloading PSP kids games is to make sure that the site is reputable, that you have access to the good games, and that it's a good deal.

A great place to download multiple PSP Kids games (as well as other games for the PSP) - Cost is a one-time payment of $49.95 to download as many games as you like, and if you're thinking you will be buying many more games, this might be the way to go. (I will provide shopping tips on the disks for each game below, if you prefer not to download them.)

OK - here's the list!
Daxter for PSP Game Photo
1. Daxter PSP Kids GameSonic Rivals for PSP Photo - Daxter is a little fellow (with no lack of adventure) who is looking for his friend Jak - in the process of looking for him he becomes a metal bug pest exterminator to gather clues to where he can find Jak. One of his weakesses (and strengths as it turns out) is his small size. He is able to make many maneuvers that he couldn't otherwise, which makes the game more interesting. Recommended Shopping: Daxter PSP Kids Game @

Lego Indiana Jones PSP Game Photo2. Sonic Rivals PSP Kids Game - These games are specifically designed and created for the Sony PSP, resulting in some pretty awesome 2D and 3D graphics as well as great game play. 4 characters to play and 4 themes make the game playing pretty versatile, and folks are having a great time with it! Recommended Shopping: Sonic Rivals @ Amazon Games.

3. Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures PSP Kids Games - Fun! The original Indiana Jones movies all wrapped up into various levels for this cool, funny and creative-thinking game for kids on the PSP. Good for some seriously long and fun gameplay. Recommended Shopping: Lego Indiana Jones for PSP @

If these don't "trip your trigger" - or maybe they're not just right for specific kids, check out the PSP Kids Games page on Squidoo - you'll get some more tips there, as well as the best shopping for them online.

All for now!

Tonya B.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Mario Galaxy on Wii - Woo Hoo! Fun for Kids on the Wii

Super Mario Galaxy on Wii Game
Here we goooo! Super Mario Galaxy on Wii is one of the Best Wii Games for Kids - not just in the last couple of years, but ever.

The general theme is familiar - Mario races about hunting down power stars, conquering enemies to get them, and save the beautiful Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

But - this time there is a zero gravity environment to deal with, and the game scenarios are completely unique from any previous Mario game for kids.

It's a little tough to understand exactly what that might be like without actually seeing game play, so I've brought in a cool video to illustrate the point - see below:

Fun stuff huh?

Now, I know that the Super Mario Galaxy Wii Game isn't exactly new news. In fact, it's been a popular game for kids for about two years now - which is really what the news is. This is such a fun game for kids that the demand for it hasn't lessened - it was one of the hottest sellers over the holidays and it probably won't be disappearing off the scene anytime soon. (And I've recently heard about the Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the works...)

Shopping: If you're shopping specifically for Super Mario Galaxy for Wii, my best recommendations to get it for a discount price would be - it's available for a discount price, and whenever I've seen it, it's eligible for free "super saver" shipping:

==> Super Mario Galaxy @

All for now -

Tonya B.

PS: Sorry to be "off the scene" for so long. But - I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. =)


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