Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wii Console and Accessories - Scarcity and Solution

Wii Console and RemoteWii Console and Accessories: A Guide to Buying Them Online

2008 is proving to be a sort of a "re-run" of last year, when the Wii Console and Accessories (especially the console) became in such high demand that they were very difficult to find online and offline - and when they're in stock in regular stores people stand in line for hours...


This year I became much more interested in researching the Wii console, accessories and games (especially for kids) and have figured something out - the shortage for the console can be solved by shopping online, and if you're going to be shopping for games and/or accessories separately the resource I am about to reveal will become especially handy - EBAY! Go figure, huh? (And you may have already figured that out.)

Note: Cost (retail) for the console is around $250-$300, at least as of this writing, and if you're in shopping mode keep that in mind for the price you pay - some merchants may take a bit of advantage of the shortage and charge you more for it.

Here are some quick links to eBay that will work for you, depending on what you are looking for - they may not be perfect, but they will filter out much of what you don't want to "wade through" while looking:
Many people are hunting high and low for the Wii Console and Accessories - in hopes of avoiding the (believed) unavoidable 1-2 hour line at the electronics store. I feel your pain! And I hope that this info helps you out. :-D

PS: I also created a special web page on Squidoo that might help you, if this post doesn't cut it:
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