Friday, November 7, 2008

U-Dance Game from Hasbro (and Chris Brown!)

U-Dance Game from HasbroThe U-Dance Game from Hasbro - Among the Top 10 Toys for Kids and the Top 5 Toys for 8-11 Year Olds for 2008/2009

If you are a fan of "Dance Revolution", you will absolutely love the new U-Dance game from Hasbro. It's taken on-screen dance games to a whole new level!

Why the U-Dance game from Hasbro is better than other dance games - there are very accurate motion sensors that get strapped onto the feet - then when you make your dance moves, the game and screen pick it up.

With this game you can dance without having to step in specific places on a game mat, or payU-Dance Game from Hasbro in Action much attention to the floor at all! You can do your own thing - this design really frees up the dancing in the game and doesn't limit the amount of space you can use or where you can step.

Chris Brown promoted this game recently on the Ellen Degeneres show, and he appears in the U-Dance Game from Hasbro commercial as well. And - there is some Chris Brown music that comes with the game!

Lots and lots and lots of fun - it's no wonder that this is already one of the top sellers for 2008, and is predicted to blow the socks off other on-screen dance games this year, and in 2009!

Age Info: The U-Dance Game from Hasbro is for kids (adults too) ages 5 and older (manufacturer recommended age is 5-12).

Pricing Info - Where to buy the U-Dance Game from Hasbro Online: There is currently a nice markdown on the price (as of this writing) - it retails for around $75.00, but you can get it for about $10.00 less, usually:
I think that many kids - adults too - will really get a kick out of the U-Dance Game from Hasbro this year - next year too, and the next...

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