Saturday, November 15, 2008

List of Retired Webkinz as of November, 2008

Retired Webkinz LogoI've been hearing more of a call recently to get an updated, complete List of Retired Webkinz - and being the Webkinz fan that I am, I will dutifully comply. :)

I've created the entire list here, along with estimated price information for each - the list is current as of November, 2008.

(Note: Prices are based on approximate average sales prices, from the links given below - it's also only for unopened, new Webkinz complete with tags - Sorry, Lil' Kinz not included in this list.)

Here is the November 2008 List of Retired Webkinz - given in alphabetical order:
Some tips -

First, if you are shopping right now for a Retired Webkinz I recommend that you use the list above - it will take you to eBay auctions that are exclusive to that particular Retired Webkinz - so you can find what you want quickly. (You can bookmark this post if you need to come back to it.)

Also - the prices given to the right of each Webkinz are intended as a a guideline and are an estimate given so you will know what to expect to pay - and you don't over-pay if bidding goes much above the estimated price.

I hope that this Retired Webkinz List is a helpful resource to you!!!

Ya just gotta love Webkinz. :-)


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