Saturday, November 8, 2008

Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog

Leap Frog Learn and Groove TableLeap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table

The Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog is one of the most loved and practical toys for babies and toddlers (ages 6 mos-3 years) and falls under the Top 5 Baby Toys for 2008/2009.

There are 15 learning activities for little ones with the Learn and Groove table, as well as over 40 songs and melodies to play with.

The learning level includes introduction of shapes, colors, numbers and children's first counting (1-10) in both English and Spanish. Also, there is learning about opposites for the older children who play with it.

The table can be adjusted with it's removable legs, so that crawlingLearn and Groove Table with cute little boy babies can access the tabletop just as easily as walking toddlers, making it easy for pushing buttons, playing songs and more.

The Learn and Groove Table is constructed from hard, colorful plastic and is sturdy to take plenty of playtime.

My favorite thing about the Learn and Groove Table: There are all kinds of things for little ones to play with, and as they grow, they will become more interested in learning about their "next level" - all with the same toy.

Where to get it for the best price: Retail price is around $40.00, and costs about the same on Amazon (as of this writing), but it is an item that qualifies for free shipping, making it nice to not have to go out and buy it, saving time and gas money.
There is another option - I have seen some auctions for this item on eBay, and there is a chance that you can get the Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog for less there. FYI: The "Buy it Now" price has still been around $40, and keep in mind you may have to pay for shipping costs.

You can check out eBay too...
If you'd like a toy or a gift for a baby age 6 mos to 3 years, the Learn and Groove Table is a great choice - it offers fun, plenty of learning and helps little ones to increase their coordination and skills at a very young age.

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