Saturday, November 1, 2008

Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary - Still a Best-seller!

Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector TinAfter 100 Years, Etch-A-Sketch is Still Going Strong...

If you have kids - or if you are a kid, you most probably have an Etch-A-Sketch somewhere in your home. (Most people own one at one time or another.) For the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary, they have created a collector's version in a special tin to mark the occasion - AND it's become one of the top toys for kids age 5-7 coming into the holiday season for 2008!

When I saw the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition in the "hottest toys" lineup I just had to smile.

The Etch-A-Sketch is one of the most creative toys ever created, and it's not a big surprise to me that it's still one of the top-selling toys for kids on the market - even after 100 years.

Kids and adults will love the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary tin - it's a very special toy representing a landmark for a very special toy company - Ohio Arts.

Cost info: The Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary tin runs around $25.00 - I haven't been able to find it at a discounted price, but that's not a huge surprise, and in my opinion it's worth every penny.

Click Here to find the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition @

This could make a nice Christmas gift for not only kids, but for adults who have fond memories of the Etch-A-Sketch and might have fun playing with it again! :-D

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