Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lego Agents Toys: Mobile Command Center

Lego Agents Mobile Command CenterThe most popular toy in the is the Mobile Command Center for kids. It comes in at the #1 position of the best toys for 8-11 year olds, and is predicted to be one of the hottest selling toys of the Christmas Season 2008.

What Lego Agents Toys are about: The Lego Agents series of toys is a sort of a combination of building and action with a "secret agent" theme.

The main idea is to protect Secret Agent headquarters (the good guys) from the evil Dr. Inferno and his minions, and to ensure that Dr. Inferno remains captive.

Lego "Agents" toys (Mobile Command Center included) is far more than just a set of Lego toys - there is fun and interesting spy technology coupled with various missions and is just as much of a strategy game as it is a building set.

Much fun for kids - manufacturer recommended age is 8-14, as it is more complex than simpler Lego toys.

And - I hear that adults are having a lot of fun with it too -- it truly is a fun strategy game to keep kids (and "big kids") interested and having fun for hours and hours...

For 2008, I vote a big "thumbs up" for the Lego Agents Toys - Mobile Command Center, since it definitely evokes the imagination and creativity of older kids and early teens.

Where to Buy Lego Agents Toys - Mobile Command Center (and other Lego "Agents" toys) - the best price I've seen is at Amazon.com - it's price tag is around $70 in the "used and new available"part of the store and it's retail price is actually around $90 (which incidentally is about the price it's going for on eBay).

You'll definitely get a great deal here:
Happy building!

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