Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2012 New Toys For Boys

In the late 1980s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were introduced to eager youngsters who longed for more action and plot in their morning cartoons. When those same youngsters grew up, they had tykes of their own and the original series was left by the wayside – in exchange for stranger cartoons for the next generation. It’s not often that older cartoons are resurrected for the new genesis of kids; however, in 2012, TMNT has gained recognition as one of the best new toys for boys. Why? They’re timeless! These turtles were kicking butt before Spongebob and those Samurai Power Rangers.

…But what sets the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures apart from the ones manufactured in the 1980s to 1990s?

The new TMNT figurines are equipped with the signature weapons and all the trademarked gadgets that made these fighting reptiles great. All 4 of the brothers are represented in all their pizza-eating, bad-guy battling glory – Donatello (the engineering scientist in purple), Leonardo (the fearless leader in blue), Raphael (the aggressive heart-of-gold in red), and Michelangelo (the free spirit in orange). The innovative figurines of 2012 strive to capture the essence of each turtle’s unique and diverse personality.

Their bodily builds are designed to match their levels of training – from the lean muscle to the bulk – while their bandanas are contorted around the eyes to match their expressions. For example, Raphael is considered the bad boy of the group, squinting in pent-up anger and combat-ready. Whereas, Michelangelo’s expression will be more relaxed and easy-going – albeit, also eager for a fight.

There’s also a wider range of articulation in these action figures, meaning little boys can pose their favorite TMNT into realistic battle stances. This is also a great feature for those grown up 80’s kids who still have a soft spot for turtles and the series collectables. Each figurine can be maneuvered into a life-like pose before being showcased in a collection, meant to be admired.

Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer - New Toy (?) in 2012

When it comes to purchasing toys for boys 3 years of age and a little older, there’s debate amongst parents whether it should be something entertaining or educational. The Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer puts an end to the inner questioning and mind-wracking that takes place, allowing parents to give their kids a tablet-esque ‘toy’ that’s amusing and academic – offering toddlers and post-tots the perfect learning experience.

What’s so great about this new LeapPad2?

- There are 5 applications that have been pre-downloaded onto every tablet! Which means your kids can jump right into learning and having fun as soon as their batteries are charged. Some of the games are… PetPad (kids can nurture their very own cyber animals), Cartoon Director (for those animated toddlers), and Learning Songs (for the little boy who loves to sing his heart out). There are also the options to download more applications or purchase new game cartridges from a retailor, depending on the child’s desires and the parent’s educational wishes.

- There are levels of reading! The age of 3 should mark an interest in smaller books and possibly a mild affinity for the alphabet. Leapfrog understands how challenging this age can be and takes reading one step (and one level) at a time. When a kid has completed Level one, they’ll move onto Level two, and so on – which is the same story told in a different way. It keeps them engaged and fascinated while they’re learning larger words and gaining a better understanding of reading. 

- This Explorer was designed for creation! Children are encouraged to utilize their imagination and artistic freedom to express their inner most feelings. Does your little boy fancy himself a pirate of the seven seas? With the pre-installed Art Studio, he can be all the things he’s ever dreamed of becoming. The limits are placed within a child’s imagination, giving them full control over what they can produce with this tablet.

CuddleUppets Green Crocodile - New Toy for 3 Year Old Boys

The line-up for 2012’s new toys for 3 year old boys is turning out to be quite a competition; however, some of these toy companies don’t really have the children in mind when they’re making the products. Fortunately, Jay at Play isn’t one of the aforementioned apathetic creators, as this brand has manufactured the hype of the latest TV commercials – the CuddleUppets Green Crocodile. Mixing a puppet together with a blanket has turned this idea into a bedtime must-have for toddlers. It also doesn’t hurt that the crocodile is plush-soft and super cute!

What do the new CuddleUppets toys do?

These blanket-puppet combinations were designed to comfort children at the age when the boogeyman and closet monster seems all too real. With powerful jaws and gleaming white teeth spread in a grin, this crocodile allows a tyke to feel protected during the hours when he’s struggling to fall asleep. His bright green color is also tied with feelings of calm, peace, and serenity – while his plush fabric wraps your little boy in secure warmth for those exhausted evenings. 

During the day, this snuggle-worthy reptile can be used for playtime, speaking and laughing with the help of your child’s small hand. This croc’s part puppet, after all! There’s not a mean piece of material in his whole body as he jokes and soothes, offering companionship and love when your little boy needs a best friend. It’s not so much what this croc does – it’s the friendship he brings.

For parents – this green pal can become an integral part of your little lad’s bedtime routine. For $19.99 (excluding shipping), this newfound friend will encourage your child’s imagination, allowing him to create different voices and scenarios where his innovative buddy is the hero. While it might appear to be just another off-topic infomercial for late night television, these CuddleUppets commercials are cute and sincere.

Angry Birds - New Toys This Year (2012)

Among the new toys this year, there is abundance in Angry Birds products – all inspired by the downloadable application from the 2009 Apple iOS. Since the original release, this download has peaked among children and their parents as the number one gaming application in the world. However, it’s time-consuming and can lead to further addiction to an electronic device – which is something most parents want their children to stray away from.

With that said, what can parents expect of these new Angry Birds toys in 2012?

The whole premise of the game revolves around a few multi-colored infuriated finches from a flock that are tormented by a bunch of green porkers. These piggies have stolen the bird eggs right out from under their feathered foes, leading to an all-out battle between the species. In the 2012 board and 3D games (not played on an electronic device), kids are expected to build a scenario where the piglets have angered the pigeons once again. Blocks are used to simulate challenging levels and make-shift catapults are provided to whisk the peeved parrots into the sky. The aim? Total annihilation of the grunts’ fortress and release of the captured comrades!

This year also brings an array of other AB-related games that are less challenging and more aesthetic. For example, floor puzzles depict entire levels and scenarios with each piece that’s plopped into place. Will the birds win their round in your little boy’s flourishing puzzle? The answer will be revealed when all the pieces have been assembled! There are also plushies and backpack clips for children to show off to their school friends – some even emit a tweet or two as they bounce against the over-stuffed bookbag of your school-time tot. With all the new baubles and games coming out this year, there’s something AB-related for the pickiest little shoppers.


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