Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angry Birds - New Toys This Year (2012)

Among the new toys this year, there is abundance in Angry Birds products – all inspired by the downloadable application from the 2009 Apple iOS. Since the original release, this download has peaked among children and their parents as the number one gaming application in the world. However, it’s time-consuming and can lead to further addiction to an electronic device – which is something most parents want their children to stray away from.

With that said, what can parents expect of these new Angry Birds toys in 2012?

The whole premise of the game revolves around a few multi-colored infuriated finches from a flock that are tormented by a bunch of green porkers. These piggies have stolen the bird eggs right out from under their feathered foes, leading to an all-out battle between the species. In the 2012 board and 3D games (not played on an electronic device), kids are expected to build a scenario where the piglets have angered the pigeons once again. Blocks are used to simulate challenging levels and make-shift catapults are provided to whisk the peeved parrots into the sky. The aim? Total annihilation of the grunts’ fortress and release of the captured comrades!

This year also brings an array of other AB-related games that are less challenging and more aesthetic. For example, floor puzzles depict entire levels and scenarios with each piece that’s plopped into place. Will the birds win their round in your little boy’s flourishing puzzle? The answer will be revealed when all the pieces have been assembled! There are also plushies and backpack clips for children to show off to their school friends – some even emit a tweet or two as they bounce against the over-stuffed bookbag of your school-time tot. With all the new baubles and games coming out this year, there’s something AB-related for the pickiest little shoppers.


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