Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CuddleUppets Green Crocodile - New Toy for 3 Year Old Boys

The line-up for 2012’s new toys for 3 year old boys is turning out to be quite a competition; however, some of these toy companies don’t really have the children in mind when they’re making the products. Fortunately, Jay at Play isn’t one of the aforementioned apathetic creators, as this brand has manufactured the hype of the latest TV commercials – the CuddleUppets Green Crocodile. Mixing a puppet together with a blanket has turned this idea into a bedtime must-have for toddlers. It also doesn’t hurt that the crocodile is plush-soft and super cute!

What do the new CuddleUppets toys do?

These blanket-puppet combinations were designed to comfort children at the age when the boogeyman and closet monster seems all too real. With powerful jaws and gleaming white teeth spread in a grin, this crocodile allows a tyke to feel protected during the hours when he’s struggling to fall asleep. His bright green color is also tied with feelings of calm, peace, and serenity – while his plush fabric wraps your little boy in secure warmth for those exhausted evenings. 

During the day, this snuggle-worthy reptile can be used for playtime, speaking and laughing with the help of your child’s small hand. This croc’s part puppet, after all! There’s not a mean piece of material in his whole body as he jokes and soothes, offering companionship and love when your little boy needs a best friend. It’s not so much what this croc does – it’s the friendship he brings.

For parents – this green pal can become an integral part of your little lad’s bedtime routine. For $19.99 (excluding shipping), this newfound friend will encourage your child’s imagination, allowing him to create different voices and scenarios where his innovative buddy is the hero. While it might appear to be just another off-topic infomercial for late night television, these CuddleUppets commercials are cute and sincere.

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