Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer - New Toy (?) in 2012

When it comes to purchasing toys for boys 3 years of age and a little older, there’s debate amongst parents whether it should be something entertaining or educational. The Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer puts an end to the inner questioning and mind-wracking that takes place, allowing parents to give their kids a tablet-esque ‘toy’ that’s amusing and academic – offering toddlers and post-tots the perfect learning experience.

What’s so great about this new LeapPad2?

- There are 5 applications that have been pre-downloaded onto every tablet! Which means your kids can jump right into learning and having fun as soon as their batteries are charged. Some of the games are… PetPad (kids can nurture their very own cyber animals), Cartoon Director (for those animated toddlers), and Learning Songs (for the little boy who loves to sing his heart out). There are also the options to download more applications or purchase new game cartridges from a retailor, depending on the child’s desires and the parent’s educational wishes.

- There are levels of reading! The age of 3 should mark an interest in smaller books and possibly a mild affinity for the alphabet. Leapfrog understands how challenging this age can be and takes reading one step (and one level) at a time. When a kid has completed Level one, they’ll move onto Level two, and so on – which is the same story told in a different way. It keeps them engaged and fascinated while they’re learning larger words and gaining a better understanding of reading. 

- This Explorer was designed for creation! Children are encouraged to utilize their imagination and artistic freedom to express their inner most feelings. Does your little boy fancy himself a pirate of the seven seas? With the pre-installed Art Studio, he can be all the things he’s ever dreamed of becoming. The limits are placed within a child’s imagination, giving them full control over what they can produce with this tablet.

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