Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Best New Bicycles for Girls in 2016

Many bicycles for girls this year, aka 2016, are diverse. All are new, but some are classics with revamped features to make them A-OK for kiddos of today.

Finding the perfect one takes time and relies on personal preference. Favorite color fits into the decision as much as safety features.

Of course, your little girl will have the final say when it comes to her perfect bike, but I have handpicked a few of the new and best bicycles for girls that you can pick from.

What I love most about these bikes are that their features are customizable and/or adjustable in some way, accommodating your kiddos to exact specifications.


Huffy Disney Frozen 12 Inch Bike

Admittedly, I know every single Frozen song by heart. Many parents nowadays do—due to the fact that every kiddo in the world seemed to be singing those songs on a regular basis after the movie came out.

Frozen is still going strong, as evidenced with this themed bike for little girls.

Decked out in shimmery purple and sparkly blue, this bike comes with removable training wheels, a handlebar bag (complete with Anna and Elsa on the front), and silvery, flowy streamers on the handlebar grips.


Diamondback Girls Tess 20 Inch Complete Hard Trail Mountain Bike

With an all-steel frame and overall strong structure, this mountain bike is a BMX dream for adventurous girlies. Thrill seekers unite.

The linear pull-up brakes are stop-on-a-dime effective, while the suspension features epic shock absorption for a smooth, flawless ride, no matter her speed.

There are 7 speed gears, controlled with a pump in the adjustable handlebars.

This would be a great family time bike, especially if the whole family happens to love camping, hiking, mountain biking, and adrenaline-searching in the great outdoors.


KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

When it comes to balance bikes, the KaZAM was one of the first. An all-original with a few revamped features, this balance bike teaches kids how to strengthen their core muscles to better control their center of gravity when on a classic bike later.

Balance is key in bike riding, after all, so these balance bikes are imperative in helping little ladies keep their balance, coordination, and concentration.

There are no pedals, of course, but there is foot rest where pedals would normally be. This allows girlies to push off and roll a bit to practice their balance during movement.


Find more in this video short-list of the best bikes for girls spring and summer 2016: