Monday, June 30, 2014

Little Tikes Toys and the Outdoorsy Toddlers That Love Them

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In the all-technology all-the-time age, I strive to teach my kiddos the importance of the simple things in their childhoods that should bring them the most happiness.

Whether that be a romp through the sprinklers on a summery afternoon – or playing with their neighborhood friends during a community barbecue with only the closest buddies and their families.

And, as aforementioned, I attempt to instill these values from an early age – when they could be toddling towards the outside adventures instead of teetering after an app-loaded iPad.

With these wholesome intentions and high hopes in mind – I have hand-picked a trio of the best toddler outdoor toys – all designed and beautifully crafted by Little Tikes.

And those 3 amazing playthings are:


Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Truthfully – I remember these from when I was a kid – and they haven’t changed much since.

The stand and base can be sand-packed for outdoor playtime, and both are adjustable for 3 sizes. Which means this set can literally grow with your child.

Additionally, an easy-grip, child-size basketball is included for plenty of slam-dunking, 3-pointer fun.


Little Tikes First Slide

I love this little slide! Not only is the concept adorable – the design assembles in mere minutes (a blessing for not-so-handy-dandy parents), and adjusts to match growing toddlers.

A tiny ladder helps toddling tykes get to the slippery slide – and it is literally all downhill, easy-peasy from there.

For new sliders – parents can stand (hands extended) to catch toddlers as they come down. But honestly – this slide isn’t very far off the ground, and your little lad or lass will be sliding by his/herself in no time. All it takes is a smidgeon of encouragement from Mom or Dad – and off your cutie goes.


Little Tikes Sea Turtle Sandbox

Another childhood favorite – this sandbox is in an awesome shape: a Sea Turtle!

Completely green and beautifully molded with a kid-friendly, happy expression, over 10 gallons of sand can be held in the nook beneath his turtle shell.

The thick rim serves as seating, but there are also 2 larger, molded seats on corners.

And while all the technical stuff about this sandbox is great – the very best part is that there is plenty of space for multiple kiddos.

Plus – after playtime – the shell can be slid back into place to protect new and sifted sand from bugs, rain, and other damaging elements.


Here is a cute video for 2014's "best of" outdoor toddler toys:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Classic Sandboxes & 2014's Modern Youngsters

The past decade seems to have spawned the era of technological kiddos – with their IPhones and apps that keep them glued to the screen for hours at a time. And while technology is moderation is a great thing – it is even more important for these youngster to experience playtime outdoors – where dirt and exploration can be more entrancing than any screen.

With high hopes of getting modern children interested in the delights of the great outdoors – I have compiled a short list of the best sandboxes for kids in 2014. Each one has a classic design that parents and grandparents are likely to remember – only modernized and safer for the tiny tykes of today.

And those 3 sandboxes are:


Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

You should recognize this turtle from your childhood because every youngster seemed to have one. Or something very similar. Or friends had one – or friends of friends. And you get the picture.

The bottom line is – this turtle sandbox was everywhere!

We actually still have mine and my kids use it now – only this version is equipped with a deeper place for the sand and a friendlier expression for the turtle.


Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

Another must-have that almost all kids owned when we were little!

Crabbie has been around for a long time and he has only gotten sweeter and safer. His stow-away area is covered with a shell so several gallons of sand can be safely hidden to avoid rain and bugs. There are also small seats around the rims of Crabbie that are perfect for accommodating tired little sitters.

In addition – this cute crab is completely red with a friendly expression to let kiddos know that he’s friend – not foe. And he fits perfectly in a backyard nook next to a sturdy playground.


KidKraft Backyard Sandbox

And despite having had both of the aforementioned sandboxes when I was growing up – this one is still my favorite. It is a modern concept that is perfect for several kids all at once. And it accommodates over 50 pounds of pure sand.

That’s A LOT of playing!

Also included are – a mesh cover for when the sandbox is not in use – large seating areas around the rim for toddlers and kiddos to sit while they play – and a composition of extremely durable, reliable, and sturdy wooden panels.

All in all – I would rate this beauty a solid 9.5 out of 10. To earn that extra .5 – it would be awesome if this one was offered in different colors!

If you want to see more...

Here is a video lineup this year - recommended 5 best sandboxes for kids 2014: