Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys: Where to Get it and More...

Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway ToysWhere to Get Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys and More about the Cute Little Guy...

The Ultimate Wall-E Toy by Thinkway Toys is a perfect example of the kids toys technology evolution - it's one of the hottest-selling, Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008/2009, as well as in the Top 5 Toys for 8-11 year olds.

But - perhaps the most noticeable thing (for adults) about the Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys is the price - I'm going to just go ahead and "say" this out loud - $500 for a toy robot? (Long whistle...) Really?! Boy, for that price, it better be good.

Guess what? It is. :)

Let's take a look - here is a video of the Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway - a demonstration, before he was released in November:

The Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway has over 1000 combinations of movements and actions that can be programmed by remote control. 1000! OK, so what else, you might be asking - ?
  • He can sing and dance along with kids
  • Comes with his own MP3 pack, to become it's own MP3 sound system
  • He's powered by 10 motors and 2 microprocessors for accurate sensory motion and action
  • He has several different "modes" including Follow-U, explore, Dance, MP3 Music, Program (with interactive talk-back)
  • There's more too...
This is the closest thing to the real-thing, and is very much like having Wall-E come right out of the movie screen and into a kid's home.

Children absolutely love this toy - in fact, it's already low in stock in various places that are selling it online, and it was only released a few days ago!

Where to Buy Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway: The best price that I've seen for the Ultimate Wall-E is on eBay. He's selling (as of this writing) for around $500 in online stores, and it's possible that you might end up paying about the same amount on eBay.

Here are the soonest-ending auctions happening right now on eBay for the Ultimate Wall-E from Thinkway:

Another place to check it out is Amazon:
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009 to all Wall-E fans out there - the Ultimate Wall-E may just be THE most popular toy for kids in the next full year - I wouldn't at all be surprised. :-D

All for now -

Tonya B.

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Anonymous said...

$500 is pretty darn steep, but this robot is worth it. It does like everything (too bad though it doesn't compact any trash!). I got mine for $399 online, but not off Ebay, got it at Rustys Toy Chest online store - If you are like me as soon as you saw the movie you were like "I want that!", yeah, me too!