Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Games for Wii - Best for 2008

Mario from the Mario Brothers and GamesThis year (2008) the Best Wii Games for Kids are one heck of a lineup, and have some of the most enjoyable family entertainment I've ever seen!

(These Kids Games for Wii are ranked per popularity as well as ratings.) And without further adieu, here we goooooooooooo!
  1. Nintendo Mario Kart for Wii - This is a great addition to the Nintendo Wii Mario Games, due to the fact that it comes packed with a special steering wheel (called the Wii Wheel) that makes the driving much more realistic in the game, and also makes it simpler and easier for younger kids to participate in the game. There are new racetracks, great graphics, and of course you feel like you are driving - for real while you're playing it. Nice choice for #1 kids game for Wii.

  2. Lego Star Wars for Wii - The Complete Saga - This game is so hot that it was also ranking in the top of the charts last year (2007) as a great game for kids - but take note that it is rated E-10 for children 10 years and older for some violence in the game. But - what a great Wii game! Players can make their way through all 6 Star Wars movies ("epidodes"), all the while having their Legos characters conquer the evil Empire. If you love "funny" to go along with your games, this is a great choice.

  3. Super Mario Galaxy on Wii - Woo Hoo! I love this one myself - Mario shoots through the galaxy with zero gravity, making his travel more fun than ever before. He sure is a gallant guy that Mario - he's still collecting stars for the lovely Princess Peach and to conquer the evil Bowser. Love it.

  4. Nintendo Wii Play with Remote - As the name states, the game comes packed with a Wii Remote, and there are many games to choose from. The majority of them are pretty traditional (hockey, table tennis, etc.) but with a modern twist of extraordinary graphics and extremely accurate play. The games included with Nintendo Wii Play are so fun, they may never go out of style.

  5. Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii - This is a whole new type of game, and is exclusive to the Wii. It comes packaged with a special mat that is used to stand or sit on while playing all sorts of outdoor games and challenging activities. There's no getting lazy with this game! It really gets kids up and moving, and having great fun. (I expect that this one may increase even more in popularity as time goes on.)
There they are - those are the Top Kids Games for Wii - kids are bound to love these and stay entertained for hours at a time. They're great games for families to play together too!

All for now - gotta go play! :-)

Tonya B.
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