Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Mario Galaxy on Wii - Woo Hoo! Fun for Kids on the Wii

Super Mario Galaxy on Wii Game
Here we goooo! Super Mario Galaxy on Wii is one of the Best Wii Games for Kids - not just in the last couple of years, but ever.

The general theme is familiar - Mario races about hunting down power stars, conquering enemies to get them, and save the beautiful Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

But - this time there is a zero gravity environment to deal with, and the game scenarios are completely unique from any previous Mario game for kids.

It's a little tough to understand exactly what that might be like without actually seeing game play, so I've brought in a cool video to illustrate the point - see below:

Fun stuff huh?

Now, I know that the Super Mario Galaxy Wii Game isn't exactly new news. In fact, it's been a popular game for kids for about two years now - which is really what the news is. This is such a fun game for kids that the demand for it hasn't lessened - it was one of the hottest sellers over the holidays and it probably won't be disappearing off the scene anytime soon. (And I've recently heard about the Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the works...)

Shopping: If you're shopping specifically for Super Mario Galaxy for Wii, my best recommendations to get it for a discount price would be - it's available for a discount price, and whenever I've seen it, it's eligible for free "super saver" shipping:

==> Super Mario Galaxy @

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PS: Sorry to be "off the scene" for so long. But - I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. =)


Additional Resources:

==> Super Mario Galaxy for Wii on Squidoo

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