Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nintendo Wii Mario Games!

Nintendo Wii Mario Game Super Mario KartHey kids (adults too)! Some of the most entertaining (if not the most entertaining) games available these days are Nintendo Wii Mario Games! I personally love these games, I've had more fun with them in fact than I would like to admit - and I think the best character of all time is - yes, Mario.

I got curious the other day to see if I knew all of the Nintendo Wii Mario Games out there - and I found out that there were a couple that I wasn't aware of (!). At any rate, I got a list together and I am sharing that with you today here - here we gooooo!

1. Mario Kart Game for Wii - OK, probably pretty much everyone is now aware of this one. It usually comes with the Wii Wheel (optionally more than 1 wheel), and is one of the more entertaining of the Nintendo Wii Mario Games available. It also happens to be the most popular Mario game, period.

2. Super Mario Galaxy Wii Game - This is great, and is my own personal favorite in the Nintendo Wii Mario Games lineup. A zero gravity environment is what makes this one so unique from the rest.

3. Mario and Sonic Wii Games - This is the "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" - but there is another one coming out this year, and is actually currently available for pre-sale now, "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games". I can only imagine how fun this one will be!

4. Mario Party 8 Wii Game - Carnival and party games is the "name of the game" with this one. It was released a couple of years ago (or thereabouts) and continues to "top the charts" of the most popular of all Wii games.

5. Mario Super Sluggers for Wii - Batter up! This is probably the wackiest baseball you will ever see or play! It was originally created for the Game Cube, and is getting some very nice reviews from people who have played it.

6. Wii Mario Tennis Game - This is the Mario Power Tennis game that's been being played for some time. It has a new way to play with better control using the Nunchuk. Fun game reported by most, has received some negative reviews for ability to control the game.

7. Wii Super Paper Mario Game - Either folks love or really don't like this one at all - but to me it's fun because I'm a veteran Mario player, and actually like the 2D environment. This game is a bit of a "retro" 2D game that flips over to 3D on command, providing a lot of fun and extra depth to the game. Many report it as being a real blast, and even the best Mario game ever!

8. Nintendo Wii Mario Strikers Charged - Mario Strikers Charged is rated E-10 (FYI - for kids 10 and older). It's some pretty crazy soccer played in a pretty crazy way - reportedly lots of fun, and is becoming one of the hottest games for Wii.

9. Super Smash Bros for Wii - (Rated "T" for teen) Yes, yes - technically this is not a Mario game, but I decided to add it to this list anyway. It has Mario as one of the characters so players can play as Mario. Players go head to head and use "smash" techniques to knock each other out of the game. Looks fun, and is much loved by plenty of Wii fans (which is another reason I added it to this list.)

There you go folks! It's the Nintendo Wii Mario Games lineup - this should be plenty to keep any Mario fans busy for a long, long, long time! =) (I expect that we will see at least one new Mario release for this Christmas season... We'll see!)

All for today -

Tonya B.

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