Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toy Shopping - Kids Educational Toys

Little Boy playing with blocksWhen shopping for Kids Educational Toys, it's helpful to know not only what types of toys to look for - but where to look for them! There are quite a number of online toy stores these days - many parents have their favorite toy stores and they just stick with those, while some parents (and otherwise toy shoppers) want to browse around depending on their needs.

Some online toy stores offer a more personal approach - this is something I recently came across with an online company called KidCore Toys - it's not just an online toy store, it offers interesting and truly great toys (including a great kids educational toys lineup) - there is also the KidCore Toys Blog, which particularly impressed me with their articles containing suggestions not only about toys, but about fun activities between parents and kids - lots of great info there to be had - I recommend giving it a check. It also makes some great recommendations on other blogs and articles to read about kids and families. (Nice!)

I will be posting more soon on Kids Educational Toys - in fact I just got started with a Discovery Toys lineup (starting with Discovery Science Toys) that you might enjoy!

Till then -

Tonya B.

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