Thursday, May 21, 2009

Discovery Exclusive Toy Collection - Top Sellers

Discovery Exclusive Toy - the Digital Touch Screen ATMIf you're looking for something a bit more "mentally stimulating" than an average toy for kids, I highly recommend checking out the Discovery Exclusive Toy collection.

There are quite a number of toys from this collection - here a few of the top sellers (that are also highly rated by parents), and will likely be a hit if you're toy shopping:

1. Discovery Exclusive Toy - ATM: There are two versions of this toy for kids, one has more of a box or rectangular shape to it, while the digital version (shown left) has a touch screen. Both ATM's are fun inventions and have an interesting concept - kids can "deposit" and "withdraw" money from their banks, the bank keeps track of how much money is being saved - or not! =) This is an interesting twist on a "piggy bank" for kids, allowing kids also to learn how to use an ATM machine and get a good concept on saving money.

2. Discovery Exclusive Toy - "Ultimate" Pottery Wheel: This could actually be considered more of an authentic pottery wheel built for kids than a "toy" per se. There are two pottery wheels to choose from - the "Deluxe" and the "Ultimate". As a note, the "Deluxe" is more along the lines of very basic practice with a pottery wheel, but has received some "less than great" ratings for lack of quality and ability to use - some complaints indicated that it is not at all functional so might just be a waste of money. the "Ultimate" on the other hand has received great ratings and is quite useful - even adults can use it for pottery projects. Great for kids with a hands-on creative bent!

3. Discovery Exclusive Toy - Digital Sound Lab: This toy is probably my own personal favorite of the bunch for a few reasons. First, it allows kids to "twist around" noises - which can be quite amusing and a lot of fun for kids. It's also educational in that it helps to teach kids about sound waves - what they are and how they work. There are also some circuitry experiments that can be done for "little electricians". Here's an added bonus for kids with this toy - they can set it up as a security system for their rooms! =)

As I mention above, these are some of the top sellers from the Discovery Exclusive Toy Collection for kids - they are also the toys that top the list - that are also receiving very nice ratings from the people who count the most - the parents and kids!

Recommended Shopping: Discovery Exclusive Toy Collection @ - you'll find actually a bit more in the selection there than you will from other resources and the prices are right too.

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kids games said...

I think the discovery ATM is such a great kids toy. I am trying to teach my kids how to save and I think this kind of gadget will be very useful.

I am definitely gonna buy a couple when I see them.