Saturday, May 16, 2009

Discovery Science Toys for Kids

Discovery Science Toy - Moon in My Room
Discovery Science Toys for Kids is one of the most entertaining subjects for me - both as a mother and as someone who spends quite a bit of time looking over and informing people about kids toys!

This is actually an extensive subject! There are quite a number of Discovery Science Toys these days - too many to list out here. I did some "looking into" regarding which of the toys in the collection had the highest number of sales, which ones received the best consumer reviews - here is a brief list of the "best" in this lineup of fun and educational toys for kids:

  • Remote Control Moon in my Room - there is a photo of this toy top left. This is a wall-mountable mini-moon that automatically senses when it's getting dark and softly lights up a child's room. It comes with a moon phases calendar as well.Discovery Sky and Land Telescope
  • Sky and Land Telescope from Discovery (a Discovery Exclusive toy) - This is shown right, and is one of the most used telescopes not only for kids, but for entire families to use together. It has "kid friendly" parts that make it easy and safe for kids to use, and is a high quality telescope that can be used with excellent, clear night-time viewing of the sky, or daytime use for land viewing. Excellent choice for kids and their parents too!
  • Chem-X 1000 Science Lab for Kids from DiscoveryChem-X 1000 Science Lab for Kids - shown left. This is a great way for kids to learn about chemical changes with safe experiments such as with water, food and making fun mixtures and solids. Comes complete with test tubes and chemicals. Note: This toy has received some negative reviews from people who have purchased it for very young kids who found it too difficult due to more advanced instructions. My suggestion is to purchase this for a child that is around 8, 9 or older - they will get a lot of good out of it - it's a fun type of activity for parents to participate in as well.
Shopping for Discovery Science Toys for Kids - There are two places to look - first is Toys, the other is the Both of these resources have a nice selection of these toys available and are comparable in price.

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