Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids PS2 Games - What to Buy, Where to Buy Them

Next in line that I want to talk about for kids video games is Kids PS2 Games. There's some pretty nice ones to pick from, and it interesting to find the ones that are not only fun and challenging for kids, but also the ones that are highly rated and the most popular in that group.

Of all the best Kids PS2 Games, here are my top 3 choices:

1. Wall-E Kids' PS2 Game - As I mentioned in an earlier post about PS3 games, this game hasn't exactly received a fantastic average rating. But when I dug in further and found out who gave the ratings, it was from people that weren't exactly "Wall-E game players" - they came from more experienced gamers who were looking for a super-challenge with the game. Other folks who rated it highly said that it was a perfect level for their kids, and that it was simple enough for them while still having some challenge.

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2. Katamari Damacy Kids PS2 Game - This game is not among the "hottest" list in terms of publicity (it's not advertised much) but it sure is one of the best and most loved of all the Kids PS2 Games. It's not only fun and challenging, it's actually got quite a sense of humor wrapped up with it! The general idea of this game is - roll up a bunch of things on earth to replace the stars in the heavens - and the rolling gets quite interesting when the "sticky ball" becomes as large as a skyscraper! Fun stuff! =)

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3. Disney Cars PS2 Game - Kids who play this game can re-live fun moments from the movie while participating in over 30 races and there are mini games to choose from as well. One thing that stands out as special with this game is the character lineup - they're every bit as interesting and funny as they are in the movie! (I might be a bit prejudiced - this is one of my own favorite movies of all time.)

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PS: If you want more selection, I recommend that you take a look at a page that has a list of Kids PS2 games, and links out to even more selection:

==> Kids PS2 Games - Special page on Squidoo

OK - hope this helps you out to finding some great games for kids on the PS2!! =)

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