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Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Shopping in 2008

Little Girl about 3 years old in flowersIn 2008, shopping for Little Girls Toys 3-4 years became "just one year more fun". There are a good number of really great toys for girls in this age range, some are far more in demand than others.

Of all the great toys available for 3-4 year old girls, here are the Top 5 Little Girls Toys 3-4 years, guaranteed to satisfy that little lady (and at this writing, there are some really great deals available for them too):

#1 of the Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Elmo Live! This one is almost an "oh duh!". Elmo Live! is actually one of the top selling toys for this entire year period, and will likely top the charts again in 2009. I had to check it out for myself - really this is a pretty incredible Elmo, and makes the other Elmo versions "pale" a bit in comparison. He's quite lifelike and when little kids see him talk and act just like the real Elmo, they truly are delighted.

Where to get Elmo Live! for great deals:

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#2 of the Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera (Pink) - What a great toy! It's actually a kids' version of a very nice quality digital camera, with double-eye view for easier picture taking. It holds well in kids' hands, and the buttons are large and easy to control. Also - the camera comes with special software so that kids can edit their photos after they're taken, allowing for some extra creativity to "enter the picture". Very cool toy, and an awesome gift for a little one.

Where to get Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera (Pink) for great deals:

>> Get more than 40% off Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera in Pink @ Amazon

>> Check out eBay auctions for Vtech Kidizoom in Pink

#3 of the Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Calico Critters Family Dolls - Direct from Cloverleaf Corners come the Calico Critters Family Dolls! They are tiny, collectible dolls - very simple really. They have simple movable parts, and are some of the most darling little dolls I've ever seen. They have a number of different families to choose from, including the Norwood Mouse family (favorite), Dalmation Dog family and more.

Where to get Calico Critters Family Dolls for great deals:

>> Find Calico Critters Families on Amazon for discount prices

#4 of the Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Barbie and the Diamond Castle Dolls - These are definitely a favorite for little girls who love Barbie. The two most popular dolls are Princess Alexa and Princess Liana, and come right from the movie, "Barbie and the Diamond Castle". These dolls' dresses can transform to simple to "oh-my-elegant" with the turn of a knob, and there are other special features about them that make them irresistible for little girls.

Where to get Barbie and the Diamond Castle Dolls for great deals:

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#5 of the Little Girls Toys 3-4 Years - Hasbro Playskool Honeybee Hop - This is a fun little toy - there is a "beehive" in the center that spins around a rod with a little bumblebee on the end, to the tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee". The name of the game is "miss the bee!" - so kids hop, skip, jump and laugh with this one, and have a great time.

Where to get Hasbro Playskool Honeybee Hop for great deals:

>> Find Hasbro Playskool Honeybee Hop @ Amazon for discount prices

As always, I wish you happy shopping - have fun!

All for now -

Tonya B.


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