Monday, December 15, 2008

11-12 Year Old Girls Toys - Alex Toys Friendship Wheels

Alex Toys Friendship Wheels Bracelet KitI recently stumbled across Alex Toys Friendship Wheels while looking into the top 11-12 Year Old Girls Toys for 2008 and 2009.

The Alex Toys Friendship Wheels are a great choice as a gift for girls who have a creative bent or who are into design and young fashion.

The kit is a unique angle on the creation of these friendship bracelets, allowing girls to become fashionably creative with several different types of yarns, beads and patterns.

Alex Toys Friendship Wheels are perfect for girls to do in a group, or individually - and make a great "on the road" activity to stay occupied and entertained.

Here's another reason I really took notice of the Alex Toys Friendship Wheels - they're a great choice for an economical gift (around $14-$15) - if you're on a tight budget this year - as many people are - this can be an important point, but you won't sacrifice the quality of the gift in order to give a great one. =)

Recommended Shopping Resource - discount price (as of this writing) - Alex Toys Friendship @

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