Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toys for Girls 9 to 10 Years - Littlest Pet Shop VIP's

Littlest Pet Shop VIP PenguinLittlest Pet Shop VIP's comes in as one of the hottest Toys for Girls 9 to 10 years for 2008, and based on the rate of demand it appears that the popularity of these cute little big-eyed virtual and real life creatures will only go to higher heights in 2009.

Littlest Pet Shop VIP's have their own place with children in the real world, as well as having their own "secret entrance" to a very special virtual world all their own.

In this virtual world, kids who own these pets take care of them, feed them and play all kinds of games.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Similar to Webkinz pets, but these plush animals have a distinct appearance, and their online "VIP" (Virtual Interactive Pet) world is made especially for them.

Littlest Pet Shop VIP's are truly some of the most popular and loved Toys for Girls 9 to 10 Years and are guaranteed to bring real smiles and gobs of fun.

Shopping and Cost Info: Each Littlest Pet Shop VIP is priced a bit differently, and I expect that is due to their supply vs. demand - you should plan to pay between $15 to $30 per VIP.

Note: Here are a couple of places online to look for them - if the price is too high from one resource, give the other one a check:

>> Find Littlest Pet Shop VIP's @ Toys

>> Find Littlest Pet Shop VIP's on

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