Thursday, January 1, 2009

Computer Kids Games for 2009 - What are the Best?

Computer gaming console disk and equipmentI'm rather excited - today I am starting a new series of posts regarding the best appropriate video games for kids - starting with Computer Kids Games coming into 2009!

I've been doing quite a bit of research in this area as of late because I know that with all of the games available, many are inappropriate for children and this is a concern for parents. (I also know this because I am a parent!)

At any rate - this specific post is all about the Best Computer Kids games for this new year - and here they are (rankings based on popularity as well as consumer ratings and appropriate "E" ratings for kids):

1. Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy - Nancy Drew games are an extremely popular series, this is the latest and greatest among them. It's based on an "Irish Wedding" theme and there is one heck of a mystery to solve. Lots of fun, and challenging for kids.

>> Find Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy on or from eBay auctions.

2. World of Goo Computer Kids Games - This sounds pretty simple and silly, but it's actually far from it! This is one of the most fun and challenging games I've ever seen and is perfect for kids who love puzzles and other types of mental challenges. Beautiful graphics too!

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3. Monopoly Here and Now Computer Version - Oooh and aaahh, I love this one. An old classic re-vamped to be a modern age great computer game for kids and families too. There are various modern (and traditional) game boards to choose from and tons of activities too.

>> Find Monopoly Here and Now Computer Version @ or eBay auctions.

4. Crazy Machines 2 Computer Kids Games - Are you familiar with the "holy cow!" Rube Goldberg drawings of contraptions? This is a game about such machines, and the players are the ones that build them! Lots of mentally challenging puzzles involved and practically endless gaming potential.

>> Find Crazy Machines 2 on Games or on eBay auctions.

5. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition - This is the best SimCity game in the entire series, at least so far! This "Sim" is getting absolutely rave reviews from consumers as well as gaming organizations. Players can build strikingly realistic cities, combine them with other cities that they have built to create a sizable metropolis! You "just gotta" love Sim City games and this truly is the best one out of the gate.

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As a note, you might have seen that I recommend the same two shopping resources for these games consistently. That's actually due to the fact that I found the very best deals on these games from Amazon and eBay consistently. =)

OK - if your kids love computer games (or if you are a kid who loves them), any of these above are appropriate for kids and each game has it's different slants on puzzles and challenges. Truly great picks for 2009.

All for now! (But you'll be hearing more from me on other types of gaming systems for 2009.)

Tonya B.


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