Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jakks EyeClops Bionicam - For How Much?

Jakks EyeClops Bionicam ToyJakks EyeClops BioniCamis currently available on Amazon Toysfor about 75% off what it could be purchased for during the 2008 Christmas season - ?!

I saw this toy become more and more popular during the holidays and finally it was listed as one of the Top 10 Toys for Kids - it's demand rose quite fast!

But - 75% off - really?

I thought maybe the sellers on Amazon were making an error on this - but I checked and checked again to make sure and it's no error. (I wish, wish, wish great toys like the Jakks EyeClops Bionicam were discounted like this before Christmas too!)

Jakks EyeClops Bionicam is one in a series of some great EyeClops toys from Jakks that super-duper-magnify anything and everything - kids are having a great time with them.

The Bionicam is portable so kids (adults too) can magnify anything, anywhere, then transfer the images to their friends online so they can take a good close look too. =)

Fun stuff!

The current price (as of this writing) on Jakks EyeClops Bionicam is around $20 (from it's normal price of around $80) - but anything below $60 would be a great deal on this toy!!!

Nuff said.

It might seem a bit "distasteful" to reach into pockets so soon after the holidays - but wow, this is a deal I for one just can't pass up. Way too fun. =)

All for now!

Tonya B.

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