Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are Razor Scooters Safe?

Razor scooters for kids are the new hot item on every Birthday and Christmas wish list. They're practically everywhere with manufacturers offering more hues and designs than ever before. However, the question on every parent's mind is, "are Razor scooters safe?" The following facts and examples will attempt to set your protective mind at ease, offering helpful tips and hints for the everyday parent with a flourishing, on-the-go youngster.

Razor scooters are a triple-threat cross between rollerblades, a traditional skateboard, and the original scooter. Don't let this throw you off! They're ranked as one of the safest methods for children and young adults to travel. With the proper safety equipment, kids can ride and roll their way to friends' houses, school, and to the corner store. They're even more popular with the college-age crowd, particularly on a large campus.

In comparison to bicycles, these scooters give the rider more control over a complete stop, leaving safety almost entirely up to them. For example, the Razor A3 Kick Scooter is easily carried when not riding, holds up to 143 pounds, and is lightweight enough to offer a rear fender brake with spring-less shock absorption for the safest ride possible.

The simple truth is there's really no more risk involved in riding a Razor scooter than there would be in rolling along on a skateboard. Safety precautions should be discussed and tested before children are handed the responsibility of riding a Razor scooter. Accidents happen regardless of how safe an object is, meaning a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are always a great idea - along with basic knowledge of street safety and how to ride responsibly.

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