Monday, February 4, 2013

Kids & Their Lap Desks - Round 2

There's likely never been a cooler creation than these lap desks for kids! Rife with similarities, each lap desk also features individual features that might vary from one to the other. These features can make or break the creative flow of your child, allowing him or her to do more with their crayons and drawing utensils than they could if they were presented with an ordinary board on the floor. No need to fret! Manufacturers have become savvy to the needs of their little customers; therefore, parents won't have to look far to find the perfect lap desk for their imaginative girl or boy.

The following (very) short list of lap desks can serve as a starting point for adults who are having problems finding the ideal seated tabletop for their kids:


Spongebob Squarepants Activity Tray

Built for durability during those morning cartoon hours, this "activity tray" is comprised of strong plastic on 2 flexible stands. The surface features a decal of Spongebob and his pink pal, Patrick, as they jump for joy in a scene of beautiful flowers and jellyfish in Bikini Bottom. 2 compartments on the side of the lap desk allow kids to store their art supplies, while a cup holder is perfect for any standard-size beverage. It's safe to assume that your little artist might want to add to the Spongebob scene with their own artistic mediums, which is why the surface is 100% slick and easy to clean.


Board Dudes Dry Erase Lap Desk with Storage

This lap desk is a plain and simple solution to the missing tabletop problem. Available in an array of really cool colors, each desk doubles as a dry erase board (complete with dry erase markers) and a storage bin (for all those straggling art supplies). What makes this desk unique is the instant conversion to a DIY easel with the propping open of the storage panel. There are also stubby, but durable, foldaway legs for multiple area uses.

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