Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Desks For Little Students - Homework Handy

When considering the purchase of computer desks for kids, it's important to mentally map out the needs of the child beforehand. For example, how old is your little boy or girl? Will this be for homework handiness, personal use, or both? Then there are colors, design, and durability to browse through. The questions themselves can be the most daunting! With the following computer desk suggestions, we hope to set you on the right track towards a small work space for your miniature student.


Legare 34-Inch Kids' Desk: Green and White Finish (shown in left photo)

This is my personal favorite! This computer desks if perfect for children who need a little extra room for their homework papers and pens. Designed to accomodate a full-size standard computer, this desk comes in a variety of colors and assembles with ease in around an hour. A work surface is comfortably lower chest height to most children, while the 2 shelves allow for additional storage of school books and personal papers. The best part for parents would be there are no screws or tools needed. Each desk piece slides snugly into place to form a solid structure!


Kings Brand Purple Finish Corner Workstation Computer Desk

Ideal for students from 3rd to 6th grade, this computer desks offers a sturdy, more sophisticated area for pesky English problems and stubborn math equations. Designed for a full-size standard computer, there are 6 shelves -- 2 for speakers, a slide-out shelf for the keyboard, a bottom shelf for a feet rest or storage area, the main desk surface, and a higher shelf for personal use. The desk settles snugly into a bedroom or living room corner for an out-of-the-way place for kids to spend time on their after-school activities.


Furinno 11192B Efficient Computer Desk

Simple and to-the-point, this computer desk is uncluttered and perfect for a laptop or flat-screen electronic device. Storage shelves make it a cinch to put away old papers and homework books, while the foot rest at the desk's bottom is a great way to sit comfortably. This desk is also compact and easy to assemble!

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