Monday, October 26, 2015

The Three Best RC Cars with the Coolest Themes in 2015

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2015 is a great time to be a youngster! There are an over-abundance of super-awesome toys, such as remote control cars that have come out for kids in the past few years.

These remote-controlled vehicles are fun for all ages, but some do boast an age-specific design that allows toddlers to get in on the motorized action. There are even RC cars for adults—but I digress.

This handpicked list of three among the best RC cars for kids combines the fun of a classic remote-controlled contraption with the skills learned from playing with such a cool toy, such as coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. One of the following three even teaches sharing since two racers can play at once.

Without further ado, here they are:


Maisto Rock Crawler RC Vehicle

The Rock Crawler gives a whole new meaning to the term MONSTER truck.

This remote-controlled must-have is a ferocious all-terrain vehicle with thick, rugged tires, complete with traction-friendly tread.

The traditional truck core makes for a fierce appearance that little boys will love, and the front and rear suspensions are awesome for both low gearing and off-roading fun.

I love how the Rock Crawler is decked out in contrasting neon greens and sleek black.


Little Tikes Tire Twister

Using a traditional remote control for ultimate steering power, the Tire Twister is situated inside a smooth-rolling tire that spins and spins and spins while the car spins. This makes for a super-cool effect!

Kiddos can move the car to other surfaces for classic racing. Or, they can leave the car inside the tire for hours of rocking and rolling fun.

The remote control is simple with chunkier, easier to press buttons—great for toddlers.


Kid Galaxy Bump ‘n Chuck RC Cars

Bumper cars are the best! I remember going to amusement parks with my little sister, where we would chase each other around with bumper cars. Of course, we giggled the whole time!

For kiddos who have yet to experience the fun and laughter of real-working bumper cars, these remote controlled, scaled-down versions are just as awesome.

Great for both indoors and outdoors, these bumper cars require strategy and quick reflexes.

Players are pitted against each other as opponents. To win, one opponent has to chuck the other from their car with a fierce BUMP that knocks the driver out of their seat.


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