Monday, October 26, 2015

The Best & Biggest Dollhouses for Multiple Kids to Play

2015-2016's Best Large Dollhouses for Kids

It is easier to find a dollhouse for an only child than it is to find one big enough to accommodate several youngsters—either siblings or friends—at once.

Some dollhouses have been dubbed the "best of the best" because they are big enough for multiple kiddos at once.

These are dollhouses that are long-lasting because, while one youngster produces lots of wear and tear, several youngsters produce twice that, which means sturdier, better dollhouses are in high demand.

These three picks from a longer list of the best dollhouses for kids are must-haves for multiples, encouraging kids to learn how to share, communicate, and cooperate—all while having tons of fun playing and designing an awesome place for their dolls.


KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

The Sparkle Mansion is a shimmering dollhouse decked out in neon pinks, light pinks, and contrasting silvers and blacks.

The exterior is luxurious and hints at the lavish interior, complete with at least 5 rooms and over 30 pieces of furniture for awesome interior décor.

Some of the furnishings include kitchen appliances, living room essentials, bedroom must-haves, and patio seating for around the swimming pool.

Accommodates dolls up to 12-inches in height.


Calego Modern Doll House

This dollhouse is a solid 10 on the WOW scale. It is decked out in beautiful neon colors with a unique interior design that features background décor in each room.

The design is also high on eco-friendliness, as the sides and roof fold up and over for tote-around anywhere fun and stow-away storage.

The portability makes this one great for classrooms and sleepovers, as multiple kiddos can play at once, which is why this is a definite number two on this list but a number one in the hearts of thousands of doll-loving youngsters.


Melissa and Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll House

Antiquated and classic in a beautiful way.

This dollhouse boasts tons of cool stuff, such as a gorgeous interior, a lovely exterior, and a heap of awesome furnishings.

The furniture is mostly handcrafted and some of the pieces are specialty made, which (of course) means extra décor for some of the rooms can be purchased separately.

I love the checkered roof and beautiful shingled patterns of this dollhouse. The interior is accommodating to larger dolls (around 12-inches in height), and while this is great for kids, it would also be perfect for doll-loving adults with a passion for vintage toys.


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